Sunday devotion

Where Is Your Hope? ~ Sunday Devotion

I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:147 (NIV)

Do you wake up expectant? Hopeful? Anticipating the good that God has in store for your day?

The best way to prepare for a good day is to start the night before. I’ve written about it as it relates to your physical health. Things like laying out workout clothes, filling a jug of water, and packing or preparing your lunch. The same applies to your perspective and the mindset you have as you face another day.

Start the night before. Let go of worries. Pray about them. Journal. Talk to someone. Fall asleep meditating on a verse of scripture. Then set your alarm so you have enough time to offer up a prayer to the Lord. Declare to Him that your hope is in His word, that you’re relying on His help for the coming day. He’ll be there. Meditate on a Bible verse throughout the day. 

Recall what the Lord has done in your past, and you’ll be expectant of what He’s yet to do. Your hope is safe in the Lord. #HopeInTheLord Click To Tweet

Practice observing your day. Be aware of the ways God shows up. Look for His blessings around you, in nature and in the actions of others. Take notice of His fingerprints on your life. When you see Him at work in your life and in the lives of others, your hope in Him will strengthen. It’s there. He’s there. Become aware of it. Ask Him to show you and to help you see it more clearly.

God’s Word is true. It’s full of promises and ways He wants to bless you. Recall what He’s done in the past, and you’ll be expectant of what He’s yet to do. Your hope is safe in the Lord. 

Action Step: Consider how you woke up today. Were you filled with positive anticipation? If not, choose to look for God’s hand in the day and plan to meditate on His word before falling asleep tonight. Put your hope in Christ and His word. 

Happy Sunday!

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