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Turn Your Why Into Action

It’s time to take action on your why.  Ready, Set, Go!

We talked about finding your Why on recently.  I firmly believe that this is the key to success in any endeavor…..health, fitness, business, etc.  (For our purposes, we’re focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.)  Still once you’ve figured that out, you need to figure out how.  

How am I going to exercise?

When am I going to fit it into my schedule?

How am I going to find the right workout for me?  

How am I going to structure my eating habits?

Your motivation is found in your Why.  You know exactly WHY you want to get fit and healthy.  You have something deep within that is moving you towards health and fitness…..and it’s not a number on a scale or a pant size….it has to be more than that, because YOU are more than a number!   (If you still need help working through that, contact me.  I’d love to help you figure out your Why.)

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The First Step

Find what you like to do.  If you hate to run, then running isn’t for you.  Even if you think that’s the quickest way to weight loss.  You’ll never stick with it.  Even though getting a gym membership and a trainer seems like the right thing to do, if you can’t afford that or don’t have time to meet a trainer 3 times a week for an hour, then that’s not how to meet your goals.  So, what do you like to do?  

Do you like to be outside?  How about walking, running, or biking?  

Do you like to dance?  Ever thought of turning the radio on and just moving around for 20 minutes?  If you want more structure like a class or DVD, there are zumba classes everywhere and DVDs that can lead you in some dancing.  

Do you want to get strong?  Get a gym membership and go lift some weights or hook up with a trainer.  Or there are great DVD and online workouts like BeFit and Metabolic Effect that incorporate strength training.  

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The Next Step

Decide if you want to workout in the morning, lunch hour, or evening.  You can read all kinds of things that tell you working out in the morning is better than evening or vice versa.  But again, bottom line is you need to pick a time that you’ll stick with.  If you’re not a morning person, then exercising in the morning is likely not the best plan for you.  

If you still need help figuring this all out, you don’t have to do this alone.  Join my free Facebook group.  It’s a safe community where we’re traveling this path of Faith and Fitness together.   I’d love to come alongside you and help you find your motivation and your soulmate workout.  Let’s do this!  

And to keep the encouragement coming, be sure to sign up for my email to be sent straight to your inbox each week.  I give even more tips and encouragement on following your why and sticking with the plan that is right for you.  When you sign up, I’ll send you my go-to scriptures and prayers that will get you started on that path to being Fit & Free.  

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  2. The past couple of weeks, I haven’t been working out. Before it got so hot, I was walking and I really enjoyed it. I also love riding bikes but don’t have a good place to ride.

    1. The heat can be tough. I’ve always been a very early morning person to try to beat it, but sometimes you just can’t escape it. I have had to adjust my bike riding times now that school is back in session. It’s amazing what the extra traffic can do. It’s just not safe out there when I want to ride. Hopefully the weather will break soon, and you can get back to your daily walks.

  3. I love the notion of a soulmate workout. I tell people to do this all the time, but I may have to adopt that phrase! Find something you love and it will be (mostly) easy to stick to it. For me, it’s weightlifting.

    1. Yes, I think Chalene Johnson has used that….”soulmate” workout. I love running for sure! I’m cardio queen….running and/or cycling. Right now it’s all about cycling given my bum knee. I lift because I know I should, but I only do what I have to do.

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