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With My Whole Heart ~ Sunday Devotion

I will praise You with my whole heart; before the gods I will sing praises to You. Psalm 138:1 (NKJV)

Can you say, “With my whole heart, I trust in the Lord”? What about, “With my whole heart, I will follow Jesus”? If we’re not doing those things, it’s hard to fully praise Him.

There was a time when my heart wasn’t consumed with trusting in and following Jesus and His path for me. 

Sure, I would easily tell you that I had given my heart to Jesus and that I was a Christian, but I still worried about a lot of things. Top of that worry list was my weight. That worry plagued me from my elementary school years until I was 40 years old! My heart was divided. Pursuing weight loss had become an idol. I praised the number on the scale when it was good, the diet when I lost weight, and myself when I succeeded in those endeavors. 

It wasn't until I surrendered my weight loss worries to the Lord that I was able to praise Him with my whole heart. What do you need to surrender today? Share on X

The writer of this verse says he will praise the Lord with his whole heart “before the gods.” The gods indicate idols. That requires allowing God to consume your heart and you declaring to all – the idols in your life included – that God is lord over all. 

After I surrendered my weight loss worries to the Lord, I was able to praise Him with my whole heart and look at my fitness differently. That idol went tumbling down, and I started building my health on a foundation of faith. When I did that, God took care of the worries, and He took care of the weight. There’s so much peace and freedom when this happens, and that’s certainly something to praise the Lord about!

Action Step: Can you say that the Lord has your undivided heart? If you’ve become distracted, you can get your eyes back on Jesus today. Surrender to Him and then praise Him with your whole heart. 

Happy Sunday!

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