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Who Do You Reflect? ~ Sunday Devotion

Those who make them become like them! And so do all who trust in them! Psalm 135:18 (TLB)

We will be reflections of the God that we believe.

One of the uncomfortable truths I had to come to terms with when I was in the middle of my body image struggle was that I had set up an idol of weight loss

Yes, I loved Jesus. I was a Christian. But I had put the pursuit of weight loss first in my life. 

This chapter in the Psalms is warning the people that they will become like the idols they were creating and worshiping. The Psalmist is urging the people to worship the One True God. He is the God we are to love and therefore reflect. 

Who/what do you reflect? Start by asking what takes priority in your life. Share on X

Unfortunately, I spent many years being the picture of someone riding the weight loss roller coaster. My mood reflected the number on the scale instead of the God I served. When the number was “good,” then I was happy, kind, and fun. I was confident and present. When the number was “bad,” I was depressed, impatient, and easily angered. I was self-conscious and distracted. 

Instead of freely living the life God designed for me, I was hung up with a number on the scale. And these numbers…I’m talking fractions of a pound! 

I was missing out on life because I was more concerned about my physical fitness than I was about my spiritual fitness. I may have been living fit, but I wasn’t free. 

It was time to confess my sin of building up this idol in my life and ask God to destroy it. He showed me how to integrate my faith and fitness so that I could start living fit and free. You can too! 

We will be reflections of the God that we believe. Share on X

Action Step: Pause in front of the mirror. Ask yourself, “Who am I reflecting?” If you don’t like what you see, you can change it by putting God back in the place He belongs in your life. (Tip: You’ll have to look beyond your outward appearance and do some soul-searching. This is a matter of the heart not of your physical body.)

Happy Sunday!

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