Sunday devotional

Where to Start ~ Sunday Devotional

The New Year is fast-approaching.  I can only imagine how the diet industry is going to be blowing up your newsfeed with the latest diet trend or detox.  It’s typical for any year but especially this year when everyone has supposedly gained the “quarantine 15.” (Marketing at its best right there, but I digress.)

I’m going to tell you where you need to start on your healthy living journey:

Start with prayer.  

Begin in the Word of God. 

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  Proverbs 1:7 (NKJV)

I’m going to give you (for free!) a plan that actually works.  And one that not only works but gives you sustainable lasting results:  

Take an integrated approach. 

You must combine your faith and your fitness. 

What is going to make this year’s “commit to being fit” resolution to stick is to build your program, your plan, whatever you’re doing, on a foundation of faith. 

Your motivation can’t come from losing the quarantine 15.  It has to come from a desire to honor God by honoring your body. 

You need to want this so that you can find freedom…not get tied down to a diet that will tell you to eat this not that, do this workout, weigh in, report in, rely on someone else to control your actions instead of you learning to get in tune with your body and trust it.

God uniquely created you.  No one is going to appreciate that more than you.  And no one is going to know more about you than you and the God who created you.

Take your worries about your weight to Him and let Him guide you to how to take care of your body.  

His Word must be your starting point. 

Once you take an integrated approach to your health and wellness, you’ll learn how to get sustainable lasting results. 

Happy Sunday!

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