power of our thoughts

What’s Playing? Considering the Power of our Thoughts

The power of our thoughts.

I went to my high school class reunion recently.* Talk about memories! Twenty-five years have passed since I walked the halls of Waldron High School.  

You wanna talk about tapes? You wanna talk about thoughts and feelings getting brought up?  

High School was not my best times. Oh, it wasn’t terrible. And I did well in school. Made good grades. Graduated third in my class. I was always happy with that because I didn’t want to have to make a speech. I knew the top two had to make a speech, and Lord knows I was the quiet and shy girl in school. Do NOT put me in front of a bunch of people.  I hated speech class, let alone speaking in front of an entire auditorium of people.  

I’ve come a long way in 25 years. I have stood in front of a number of fitness classes and have taught aerobics, step class, and spinning, to name a few. I was a substitute teacher. I’ve taught confirmation classes and have spoken in front of groups. I now get on Facebook live and post videos on the internet.

If you had asked that girl who graduated in 1991 if she thought she’d ever stand in front of anyone and do anything, she’d think you were crazy.  

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Our thoughts have so much power over our actions. Things that we were told or lived through years ago can hold on forever. And sometimes we don’t even realize it until it comes up.

Let me give an example. I had terrible morning sickness, really all day sickness, for most of my pregnancy. I had limited things that I could eat, and I had a few things that I found out too late I should not have eaten. Case in point…Chinese food. To this day, more than 14 years later, Chinese food is mentioned or I see a restaurant, etc., and I go right back to that day I was pregnant and thought Chinese food was a good option. I start to feel the nausea. I immediately say “No way. Not eating that ever again.” All because at one time, when my body was going through all those hormonal changes, I got sick on Chinese food.  

My body is different. The menu at a Chinese restaurant is huge. I can order something different than I did that day. But no. That memory, those thoughts of morning sickness, and that experience is so stuck in my mind, that it keeps me from eating Chinese food.  

That may be a simple example, but I want you to see how that can relate to things we think about when we think of our bodies or our value or worth.  

Let’s consider the power of our thoughts…..

What about the girl whose father left the family when she was young? Does that mean all men will leave? Does that mean she wasn’t good enough for him and thus must prove her worth to any other man in her life?  

What about the teen who didn’t have a date for prom? Will she always be alone? What’s wrong with me that I can’t get it a date? Does he think I’m fat? I’m not pretty enough. I don’t know how to have fun. And then she begins to live a life thinking she’ll always be alone.  

What about the one who was picked last for the kickball or the dodgeball team in gym class? (Right here!) Does that mean I’ll get overlooked for the job opening? Do I not go for it, because “they’ll never pick me.”  

What about those benign comments like “you’re the biggest, let’s put you on the bottom of the pyramid,” or “you’re tall, you can play center.” We need strong people at the bottom of the pyramid and tall players for center, but in your mind that say something negative about your body.  “I’m the “big” one. I need to fade into the background. ”  

And there are definitely words spoken that are meant to hurt. People can be uncaring and downright mean. Even though their words aren’t true or weren’t true, they stick. They have power. We may not think of them every day, but when something comes up, they’re there.  

You want to start running, but someone once told you you’re not a runner.

You want to set a goal, but someone once said you never follow through with anything.  

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This post is not meant to be depressing, so I want to make a turn here. The reason I write this is that we have to recognize those voices and those tapes that play in our head. Consider the thoughts you entertain. We have to acknowledge experiences we have bookmarked that we don’t even realize until something comes up, and then we’re right back there. Even to the point of smells and tastes.  

We have to break that cycle and begin to make new tapes. We have to recognize those words and experiences for what they are. Cassettes and 8-tracks (I’m totally dating myself here!) are antiques now and nearly non-existent. Why do we let those tapes in our heads keep playing? They are out of date. They no longer exist. You are new. Did you hear that?

You are new!

When those thoughts come up and those tapes start playing, we have to switch the station. We have to recognize that they no longer apply, and likely, never did.

The Heavenly Father would pick you any day. You are beautiful to Him. He has given you everything you need to be all He has created you to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Will you stop and consider the power of your thoughts today? It might be time to change the tape.


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*This was posted in October 2016.

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