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Recently, I listened to a business podcast titled, “Do not pander.” The message of the podcast was not to cater to the whims of other businesses and to the algorithm. Those of us in the online space have to deal with changing algorithms and then try to figure out what kind of posts, etc. that Facebook and Instagram are “rewarding” and looking for. By doing this, you can easily get caught up in chasing success and people-pleasing only to lose yourself in the process. All this leads to burnout. But what she said next had me not only thinking about business but also about our approach to healthy living:

Burnout is not doing enough of what you love.

Oftentimes, we think of burnout as doing too much, being too busy. In fact, dictionary.com says it’s fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity. Instead of staying tired and frustrated, how about we ask ourselves what we love to do and if we’re doing enough of that.

This is the time of year when people who started a diet or extreme exercise program at the beginning of the year are starting to fizzle out. Why? They’re tired and frustrated. They’re either not getting results, or they’re over what it is they must do to get the results. They didn’t take into consideration what they liked to do. They didn’t ask themselves how they like to move or what food they like to eat. Instead, they signed up for a random plan, no questions asked. Now they’re realizing: they don’t really like eating according to a clock, two-a-day workouts are exhausting, or drinking a gallon of water a day just makes them feel water-logged.

When you start doing more of what you love in how you care for your body, you'll be able to get consistent and start feeling better. Share on X

When you start honoring your body the way God uniquely created you, you can sustain the way you choose to care for it. Yes, it’s important to move regularly. Yes, you’ll function better when you’re filling your body with nourishing foods. Yes, drinking plenty of water is essential for your body to function and feel well. But only you know you. And you were created with unique tastes and preferences. Start there.

How do you like to move?

What foods leave you feeling satisfied and energized?

How much water does your body operate best on?

Do you like the way you eat and move and spend your days? What are your favorite things to do?

If your current healthy living approach is leaving you tired and frustrated, ask yourself the questions above. When you start doing more of what you love in regards to how you care for your body, you’ll start feeling better. You’ll want to do those things. It’ll be easier to continue that approach for a long time to come.

Do something you love today!

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