Sunday Devotions 2023

What We Eat ~ Sunday Devotion

But food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do. 1 Corinthians 8:8 (NIV)

Although society would lead you to believe otherwise, food is not good or bad. Food is neutral. Therefore, you and I are not good or bad based on what we eat. However, many people believe differently. Every time you turn around, you’re hearing someone demonize certain foods and put others on a pedestal as a “superfood.” Because of these beliefs, too many people then equate their character or their worth as good or bad based on how they eat. To go a step further, people judge others based on what they eat. 

We need food to nourish our bodies. For sure, some food has more nutritional value than others. That’s why we eat a variety of foods. Some for the nutrients it provides, others for the pleasure of it. 

What we eat can easily become an idol in our lives. I know this because the pursuit of weight loss was an idol for me. It became an idol because I focused way too much attention on food. Logging it. Worrying about it. Planning it. Researching it. Defining myself by it. My food choices don’t determine my relationship with the Lord; my obedience to Him does. 

Instead of logging food, how about writing down takeaways from your Bible study? Instead of worrying about food, how about memorizing scripture and filling our minds with His Word? Rather than plan food, plan time with the Lord. When you find yourself searching the internet for yet another weight loss tactic, stop and grab your Bible and study it. Define yourself by God’s definition of you. When we do these things, He’ll give us wisdom to make the choices that are beneficial for our individual physical needs. 

What we eat does not bring us closer to the Lord; however, the steps we take toward improved health can lead us closer to Him. #FaithAndFitness Click To Tweet

What we eat does not bring us closer to the Lord; however, the steps we take toward improved health can lead us closer to Him. That’s what building a healthy life on a foundation of faith is all about. The result is living a fit and free life and walking near to God.

Action Step: The next time you start to judge yourself or someone else based on food choices, stop. Instead, remind yourself of Psalm 139:14 – You and the person you are about to judge are each fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Happy Sunday!


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