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What is Healthy?

What is healthy isn’t black and white. It’s not either or. Your health is the sum of your spirit, mind, and body.  

Because you are a unique individual, you must define what is healthy for you. I’ll give you a hint: It’s found in the middle of all or nothing. 

It takes work, but once you find it for you, you can live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

We’re led to believe that healthy is a diet. We tend to think that it means no carbs and sugar, and mostly chicken and vegetables. It’s become our understanding that what is healthy includes drinking water and exercising as well as weighing in at a certain range and maintaining a preselected BMI. 

When we get clear on our definition of what is healthy, we can live it and apply it to any situation. #healthylife #faithandfitness Share on X

But what is healthy is so much more than that and does not even include all of that. 

Health starts in the mind and is all about our approach to life. It is about being aware, mindful, and present at all times and staying in our power when we make choices.  

You get to define what is healthy for you. For some, it is a life that includes fun and ease – enjoying food and preparing in advance so decisions and meal times are easy. For many, what is healthy is to enjoy food, including the experience. That means healthy can be delicious and visually appealing food that is nourishing. This could include foods like roasted vegetables and well-seasoned lean meats as well as decadent desserts.

When we get clear on our definition of what is healthy, we can live it and apply it to any situation.

This can look like smaller portions of otherwise indulgent type foods. It can be the majority of meals cooked at home with a meal or two of carryout. It is moving your body in a way that you enjoy, that provides enough challenge, but in a way that you’ll continue to do.   

When you define what is healthy for you, you’ll find that it’s easier to apply health to any and every situation, and you’ll no longer be on and off.  

Health includes all of the things that you first think of: proper nutrition, exercise, water, regular medical check ups, adequate rest. It also includes peace of mind, ease, that which is sustainable, enjoyable.  

Health is not merely related to your physical being. It also applies to your spirit and your mind. If you’re suffering with your mental or spiritual health, you’re not healthy. All areas must align. You need to give attention to all areas of your life.

Your healthy is found in the middle ground between all or nothing. #moderation365 #healthylifestyle Share on X

To figure out what is healthy for you, you must focus on you. You must spend time listening to your own body and your unique needs, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and then address them accordingly. 

It’s time to stop allowing someone on the internet to determine what is healthy for you, and you do that for yourself.

My Faith and Fitness Framework™ will help you take an integrated approach to your health and wellness to determine how to implement a healthy life that is sustainable for you. 

Your mental, physical, and spiritual health are all important. They are the sum of you. You were uniquely created by a God who loves you very much. If you will allow Him, He will guide you in how to care for the body He has entrusted to you.

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