Walking Around Washington, D.C.

We spent our spring break in Washington, D.C.  It was mine and Ethan’s first time there.  Kent had made a brief trip there a few years ago to see our Congressman Luke Messer be sworn into office for his first term.   

This post is from our 2017 Spring Break trip.

I’m not a travel blogger, so this post isn’t going to give you the do’s and don’ts or what to see and where to go in Washington, D.C.  I just want to share what we did and a few things I learned about faith and fitness during our visit.  

About Faith…..

I am blessed to live in this country and in this time in history.  

Our first stop was Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  And while I will be the first to admit I am no history buff, and I can get in and out of any museum in record time feeling I have seen everything I need to see, the historical significance of some of the things we saw and places we visited was not lost on me.

It was pretty amazing to walk on the same ground where battles were fought.  We saw actual pieces of furniture and documents that were used hundreds of years ago.

Our visit to Washington, D.C. made me even more aware of how blessed I am. #GodBlessAmerica Share on X

We spent an entire day at Arlington Cemetery.  We witnessed the Changing of the Guard.  And then Ethan took us searching for graves of famous people (and some I had never heard of but Ethan knew all about.  He loves history like his dad!).

What brought me to tears was considering how men and women years ago, and still today, fight for our country.  Fight for my freedom.  Men and women risked, and lost their lives, holding up an American flag.  Their pride in our country humbles me.

We visited the Holocaust Museum.  Unfortunately our stop there was rushed, but oh what an impact?!  I can not even imagine.  Again I left there praising God for my blessed life.

About Fitness….

We walked everywhere.

After a night and day spent in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, we traveled onto Alexandria, Virginia where we stayed in a house about half mile from the Braddock Road Metro.  The car stayed parked for the week, and we walked to and from the Metro everyday and then all around Washington, D.C.

I didn’t go to a gym or do any running.  We just walked.  (For those who know me well, you know that I’ll tell you I don’t like to walk; I prefer running.  But in this case, it was plenty of exercise!)  For the fun of it, I wore my Fitbit throughout the week, and we hit well over 10,000 steps everyday.  In fact, one day we hit 20,000!

I drank my water.  In fact, I only had about one cup of coffee each day.  Amazing?!?  I know!  I learned that the first cup is always the best cup anyway!

Walking, water, and intuitive eating were part of my #fitness plan in Washington, D.C. #healthyliving Share on X

As for eating, I just listened to my body.  Often I only ate breakfast and dinner.  I just wasn’t very hungry in the middle of the day.  I was sure to keep water with me and drink it off and on.  But for food, we just kept busy, and I wasn’t running, biking, and lifting like I usually do, so my appetite slowed down for the week.  And I actually listened to it.  Breakfast, small snack, and a nice dinner seemed to work for the week.  

Intuitive eating isn’t easy.  And it certainly isn’t the only way to eat.  I don’t always listen well to my body.  I often think I must eat because it’s Noon or 6:00PM.  Or because I’m tired or bored.  Or because it’s there or everyone else is.  But for 9 days I practiced listening to my body.  And I want to be a better listener moving forward.  That just means eat the things that are beneficial for my unique body.


We did a lot in 9 days.  I told the guys I felt like I saw everything I needed and don’t really need to go back!  I’m happy being a small town girl.  



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  1. There is so much to see and do. When we were there, we walked so much, you almost forget about eating until you are really hungry. The Holocaust Museum really had an impact on us.

    1. You’re so right. We just wanted to keep going and not take time to stop and eat or stand in line for something. My son did have lunch from a food truck one day. That’s an experience in itself as well! lol!

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