Two Years and a Book Later

Two years and a book later……

I’ve had this blog for 2 years now.  

My how time flies when you’re learning and growing and have no clue what you’re doing!  Or at least that’s how I felt 2 years ago.  And if I’m honest there are still days I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that God has a plan and that’s what I’m trusting in and being obedient to.  

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There are so many people who have contributed and helped me get to this point.  It all started by following Michelle Myers on Instagram and then becoming part of a challenge group with Joni Stepp and becoming a Beachbody Coach (That was short lived).   During the first year, I made a local connection. Sarah and I shared coffee and conversation about our growing businesses.  I’m thankful for her early mentorship and support. 

And then I branched out and got some business coaching with Amanda Tress where I met Abby Land who helped me get my blog up and going (and continues to be a support to me!).  

I spent a year following Jill Coleman’s Best of You Program and learned so much, specifically to keep showing up and sharing my story.  

This year it was Nicole Culver, her Blissful Bites Podcast and the Blissful Bites Community and eventually the Blogger to Business group that has helped me continue to learn and grow and do things I never thought I’d do before….specifically write a book!

Whew! What a couple of years that has been!  

There are a couple of themes two years later that I want to highlight.  

First and foremost, I didn’t get here on my own. Not that I have arrived, but any steps that I have taken and any successes I have had is because I’ve been surrounded by some amazing women.  Not to mention the support from my family, and ultimately it’s been God’s guidance and provision in my life.  

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17  

I can’t thank these women enough for how they have poured into me to support and encourage me along the way. Certainly I have paid for some of the coaching services but there are others I’ve never given a dime to and they have gone above and beyond to help me on this journey.  

Amid comparison and competition there are also women who are genuine and not threatened but who embrace the opportunity to lift one another up.  

And the second thing is that 2 years ago, writing and publishing a book was not even on my radar.  I didn’t know if I could get a blog up and going let alone write an entire book.  But here again, this is the kind of thing that happens when you surround yourself with women who are not threatened by one another’s success but who celebrate each other and help us realize our dreams (thank you Beth!) and potential that we may not even see.  

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What an amazing journey this has been!  And what makes it so amazing is not the number of published blog posts or even the book, but the friendships and the amazing women I have met online and in person.  

And most importantly, it’s also God’s goodness in my life.  I’m humbled that He has entrusted a message to me to share with others.  I want to be a good steward of all He has given me.  

Here’s to continuing this amazing journey.  

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