Why You Should Trust The Process

I first posted this April 4, 2016 but we can always be reminded of the benefits of trusting the process.

Trust the process.  Easier said than done when you have 10 pounds to lose.  When you have personal records to set.  When you have goals.

Around here in Indiana we have 4 seasons.  We know that April showers bring May flowers.  We’ve lived through enough Aprils to know that the rainy days bring the beautiful flowers.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  We’ve learned to trust the process.  Then why do we rush the process when it comes to our health and fitness goals?

This Saturday I’ll be running the first of 3 spring half marathons.  Saturday is the Hoosier Half in Bloomington.  The next one will be the Indy Mini (If you’re an Indiana resident and a runner, you’re sorta obligated to this one, right??), and I’ll wrap up my spring with the Michelob Ultra half marathon in Chicago.  (I’m running this one with Team Momentum, first time I’ve done a fundraiser run. More on this in an upcoming post!)

Today I want to take some time and talk about trusting the process.  

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote.  Sometimes it can be a cop out, “well it’ll take time; just keep on keeping on”.  But you want results, right???  How long is this “process” going to take??  What do I do in the ‘waiting’?

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You can’t trust a process you don’t even know.  You still need to identify your goals and how you’re going to get there.  It may be a training plan for a 5K or half marathon.  It could be some changes to your eating habits to lose weight or have more energy.  It could be a schedule change.  You may need a mindset shift.  Maybe you need to find a Bible study to follow.  

Just as the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” so we have to do the work and spend the time to get the results.  

If you want to run a race, whatever distance it may be, you can’t just one day get up and go do it without having done at least a little training.  I’ve run over 50 half marathons and more than a dozen marathons, but every time I start a new training plan and am running 7 or 8 miles, I think “how am I going to be ready to run 13 or 26?!?!”  Well, I’m not ready on day 1 of training but by the 10th, 12th week, I’ve built up my mileage, and I’m ready to go.  

April showers bring May flowers. #trusttheprocess Share on X

When you decide it’s time to make some changes in your nutrition, the first day you cut out your daily Coke or iced tea, you won’t lose 5 pounds.  But over time and replacing that coke with water every day for a week, two, or three, you will begin to notice a change in your body.  

The first day you set your alarm to get up early to read your devotions, you may want to hit the snooze and put off this new routine until tomorrow.  But once you get up Monday and then again on Tuesday and again on Wednesday and spend 10 minutes of quiet time, you’ll realize that these few extra minutes get you focused for the day.  You’ll face the day with peace and confidence.  

But all these changes don’t just happen.  The results don’t magically come as soon as you do something.  It takes time.  Time to figure out what changes YOU need to make (not what your best friend is doing).  Time for your body and lifestyle and mindset to respond.  

But just as these April showers bring forth beautiful May flowers, those changes you start making today will have results if you stick with it and trust the process.  

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  1. Trusting the process is not always easy and I love your analogy with the weather. Good luck this weekend can’t wait to hear all about it. I will be in Bloomington at the end of Feb for a sorority event with my daughter not sure how much running I will do though.

  2. That’s my coach’s favorite mantra. In fact, I have a shirt with that mantra across the back. It was always useful during marathon training, but now during RA treatment, the meaning is even stronger!

    1. Yes Wendy! I’ve had to do that with the arthritis in my knee. Thankfully I’m running consistently again…finally. I’m so grateful. I’ve been following your journey and new diagnosis. You seem to be making the best of it. I know you’re going to manage it and keep running well!

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