Sunday Devotions 2023

What Troubles You? ~ Sunday Devotion

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. John 14:1 (NIV)

Most days a person is troubled by something. For many years, it was my weight. It troubled me daily. And it became a distraction from living my life, from showing up and being present. I’ve cried way too many tears over a number on the scale. I’ve scoured the internet for weight loss plans and pills that promised to help me lose those last five pounds. I got so troubled by my body size. 

What troubles you regularly?

I remember having a horrible day because I wore something that was a little snug. I was uncomfortable all day until I took it off and realized it was a smaller size than I had originally thought it was. After that, I didn’t feel so bad that it had fit more snug than some of my other pants. 

How many times have we created trouble or stress that isn’t even true? (Side note: If you’re not comfortable in an item of clothing, no matter the size, don’t wear it! But that’s a post for another day ;-))

Whatever troubles you will become a distraction and separate you from the Lord. Give it to God and let Him set you free. Share on X

The question remains: What troubles you?

I recently listened to a Gospel reflection by Matthew Kelly on this passage. He suggested you do these three things when you’re reflecting on what troubles you:

  1. Name it.
  2. Claim it.
  3. Give it to God.

Name it: Identify what it is. Claim it: Acknowledge how you’ve allowed it to consume you. Give it to God: Let it go and put your trust in God. 

Whatever troubles you will become a distraction and separate you from the Lord unless you give it to Him. Allow Him to take it from you and set you free. He did it for me, and He wants to do it for you too!

Action Step: If the numbers on the scale are causing your spirit to be troubled, get rid of them.  Whatever it is that you are obsessing about and that is causing worry and becoming a distraction, get that out of your life. Name it. Claim it. Give it to God. 

To listen Matthew’s short lesson, go here.

Happy Sunday!

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