Transformations: Changes You May Not See On The Outside

Transformations. Before and after pictures. You see them all the time. Especially on Tuesdays. #TransformationTuesday, anyone?? Look at the old me and now the new me. Usually the picture is a bare midriff selfie taken in front of the bathroom mirror.

Certainly a transformation story can be good to hear. It’s often motivating. I’m happy for those who make some extreme transformations, but here in this space, you won’t be seeing a transformation post that has a bathroom selfie with a midriff showing. Why? That’s not the changes we’re going for. Do the gals lose weight? Yes. Do they look more fit after some time of focusing on Faith, Food, Exercise, and Water? Yes. But, is a slimmer, toner body our priority here? No.  

The kinds of transformations this space is about are those that happen from the inside out. The transformations happen in our thinking and in our habits. They happen in our hearts and in our mindset.  

This space, and the work I do with women, is the catalyst to changes in the outward appearance. Nothing makes me happier than feedback like, “Although I did lose some weight, I feel I really gained in my faith.”  Or, when one tells me that she is keeping her eyes on her own paper.  And when one writes, “Getting your mind fit spiritually and your body fit physically is the only way to lasting results.”    

These gals first learn to recognize who she is in Christ. She begins to see herself as fearfully and wonderfully made. And then she treats her body as the temple it was created to be. The changes in her waistline are just the outward appearance of what has happened on the inside. The negative self-talk has quieted, and the constant searching for a quick fix has ended.  

The changes in her waistline are just the outward appearance of what has happened on the inside. #transformations Share on X

I know what it’s like to be fit and looking okay on the outside while being in turmoil on the inside. I was battling negative voices and insecurities. Constantly I was looking to lose five more pounds and thinking that happiness and freedom would only come when I saw a certain number on the scale.  

Here transformations are about more than before and after pictures. Share on X

Let’s talk about transformation, not in terms of “before and after pictures” and how many pounds you want to lose, but instead about the things that need to change inside.

Are there past hurts that you’re holding onto? What negative words have been said to you? Are you replaying them? Are you stuck with an attitude of defeat because you’ve tried and failed too many times?

Lasting change happens from the inside out. When we set our foundation on faith we can truly live free.

The transformation that takes place is about living in freedom. It’s about loving the skin you’re in and knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. The focus is not the numbers. It’s about finding the foods and exercise that properly fuel your body to keep you satisfied and energized. It’s about identifying those negative voices in your head and replacing them with the truth of who you are in Christ.

Romans 12:2 says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”  

This, my friend, is where the transformation happens. It happens when we set our minds not on a number or a size but on how we are uniquely made.  We have to learn what works for our bodies and then do those things and live that way.  This is how we live fit and free!


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  1. I like seeing mental transformations within myself and friends. Seeing people blossom is almost as beautiful as the firs spring bloom!

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