Training Tips to Get at Those Goals

It’s time to revisit those New Year’s Resolutions.  How are you doing now that we’re midway through the year?

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It’s not too late to get at those goals.  Don’t throw in the towel!  

Today I’m giving you some training tips to get going on those goals!

If you’ve signed up for a fall race, it’s likely time to get started on some focused training.  

If you’ve had trouble with motivation given the summer heat, that’s okay.  Want some training tips on dealing with this summer heat.  Check them out here.  Don’t let the weather get the best of you!    

Just a few training tips to keep you going!

  1. Make a schedule.  Plan your week.  When are you going to run?  How far?  What about cross training?  What workout DVD are you going to do?  Rest days?  Put them on the calendar.  You’re more likely to stick with it.  

  2. If you don’t know where to start, find a plan.  If it’s running, Runner’s World has some good links to training plans.  Race websites are likely to have some links to training plans.  Do you have “runner friends”? Reach out to them.  Do you like DVDs?  I can hook you up with a good workout.  Do you have a gym membership?  Check out their class schedule.  

  3. Get a friend.  Invite someone to meet you at the gym.  Get together at your house and put a DVD in and get moving.  Meet up with a running group.   I can get you connected!  Take the dog for a walk.  Dance with the kids.   Join my free Facebook community

  4. Decide on your goals.  Finish?  Set a PR?  Lose weight?  Get off the couch?  Unwind?  Fresh air?  Set the goal and then do whatever it takes to reach it.  

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Still struggling?  I’m here to help!  Email me and let’s get moving!  


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  1. Hi Marsha, I think this is a really positive message for people looking to reach their fitness goals. No doubt, there is tremendous power in having people who can work on their own goals alongside you. I’ve found that running and preparing for marathons is one of the most fulfilling endeavors I’ve ever had!

  2. Making a training plan and sticking to that schedule has always been essential for me.

    1. Me too! I love planning my week out. Especially with your marathon coming up, it’s so important to be sure you’re staying on track and increasing mileage at an appropriate rate. Good luck with your training!

  3. I’m finally mostlyy moved into my new place! Can’t wait to get my life back into order and map out a routine/schedule!

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