third quarter 2023

Third Quarter 2023 Review

We’ve come to the end of the third quarter of 2023. I’ve been doing these recaps for several years by giving you a glimpse into my Kitlife Planner. That’s the place where I keep track of everything. In fact, it even has a quarterly check-in spot.  

Kitlife 2023

The main parts of my Kitlife Daily are…

  • The Big 3 – This helps me prioritize. What three things must I get done today?
  • Self-Care – This is a daily practice. Self-care is so much more than a spa day. It’s little things done daily that fill my cup. 
  • Gratitude – I write down three things each day that I’m grateful for. Some days they are big things but many days they’re the simple things.  
  • Activity – Place to track regular exercise. 
  • Meal Plan – Sometimes this serves as an area for me to note what I eat throughout the day, other times it’s what I plan for dinner. 

There’s also plenty of space for notes or journaling. I often jot down my social media posting schedule here as well as notes from my Bible study or a quote I want to remember.

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I’ve been using a Kitlife Planner since 2018. It’s the best planner ever! 

So how did July, August, and September go?

The Highlights

Annual doctor visit – Everything checked out well. My weight was the same. I don’t diet. I don’t have a scale. Even though it took me a long time to learn it, I’m proof that it’s possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the pressure of dieting and weighing all the time!

Challenges – Eat More, Pray More – I now have 4 short challenges that support the 4 pillars of my Faith and Fitness Framework™. Drink More (water!). Move More. Eat More (slowly!). Pray More. The 4 pillars being water, exercise, food, and faith. 

Ethan was home then back to IU – You might recall that Ethan spent most of his summer at Clemson University in South Carolina for an internship. That was a long summer for this mom, but I did get to go visit him for a couple of days. After it wrapped up, he was home for about three weeks then headed back to Indiana University for his third year. 

Colts 5K – It felt good to race. My time was a tad (like a few seconds) faster than last year. Colts 5K means football season is here, and that makes me so happy!

Completed my continuing education credits to keep my mental health counselor license current.

I turned 51!

Some self-care I practiced

  • Ice cream
  • Walk breaks during my run
  • Oat milk latte
  • Painted my fingernails
  • New running shoes
  • Lazy day
  • Dinner out
  • Afternoon time out
  • Long run in the morning on a hot day instead of evening run
  • Skipped a bike ride
  • Stayed inside where it was cool
  • Quiet early morning walk
  • Grocery delivery

Found on my gratitude list

  • Lunch with a friend
  • Air conditioning
  • Saturday night church
  • Good sleep
  • Christian radio
  • Pedicure
  • Time with family
  • Visit with friend
  • Fall weather
  • Good run
  • Haircut
  • Sound of rain
  • Working water fountain at the park
  • Another birthday
  • Texts with my boys


Yoga every day – It’s a given. I usually do 10-30 minutes, but it makes all the difference for my spirit, mind, and body.

Biking – Summer means more biking and a little less running.  

Running – I run 6 days a week. My longest run is usually 5 miles on Saturday. The other runs are 2-3 miles. Twice a week those runs take place in the evening with Shelby Roadrunners

Lifting – Over the last few years, I’ve grown to embrace lifting. I spend about 20 minutes three times a week lifting. It’s nothing fancy. I do it inside or in my alley with dumbbells I have. Building strength is so important, especially as we age.

How I used meal plan section

I randomly use this section to jot down what I eat to practice awareness. It helps me pause and make mindful choices. No calorie counting. No diet plan. Simply awareness. I also use it to plan out dinner meals on occasion so I don’t have to figure it out every evening.


From Broken to Restored – a Love God Greatly Bible study on the book of Nehemiah.

A Chocolate Life Devotional with my monthly coaching group

Currently, we’re going through 50 Days of Faith and Fitness: A Walk Through Psalms with Support and Accountability Community

I’m getting ready to do a new Love God Greatly Study on the Armor of God.

What’s next?

Working on a Faith and Fitness Bible study. 

Planksgiving – This annual challenge will return in November. 

Word of the Year for 2024 – I’m already sensing God’s direction on my word but will continue to pray and listen. 

New challenge – Everyone loves a good transformation story. I’m working on a new challenge. Stay tuned!

Holidays – We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming to us. Get out Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days to get ready for a happy healthy December.

Cheers to the 4th Quarter of 2023!

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