Celebrating 45! 4.5 Things I’ve Learned in 45 Years

I’m not old.  I’m 25 plus shipping and handling.

Life begins at 45.  The last 44 years have been practice.

45 is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.

It took 45 years to look this good.

Type into your Google search bar anything like “woman turning 45” and you will find all kinds of articles about body changes, what to expect, etc.  

But I’ve spent way too much time googling things to improve myself at all ages.  

This is me.  This is who I am.  I am here.  

What I’ve learned is that I need to be present.  

My body is going to do what my body is going to do.

I know how to eat and exercise.  I’ve spent most of my previous years obsessing over those kinds of things and trying to find the recipe for how to lose those last 5-10 pounds.  

I lost a lot of time on that wonderful thing called the worldwide web.  Sure, I consumed a ton of information but in the end it didn’t make a big difference.  

So I could spend a lot of time researching this new age and stage that I’m approaching, but I choose not to.  

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Today I am a result of all the lessons learned and information consumed over the last 45 years.  I’m learning to hold onto the beneficial information and let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve me.  

And so in honor of turning 45, I’m sharing four and a half things I’ve learned in 45 years.  

I am loved.  

I have a Savior who loved me enough to die for me before I ever said “Father forgive me”.  I am loved by a wonderful husband and two sons.  Their love isn’t perfect (we humans aren’t capable of that kind of love), but it’s as close to perfect as it can get here on this side of Eternity.  I have friends and family who love and support me.  I am so blessed, and I am fully loved.  

Living in freedom is the only way to live.  

For far too long, I was tied up by numbers on a scale and numbers on the nutrition label.  I was bound up with thoughts of not enough….not thin enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, not successful enough.  That bondage only held me back from living the life God had created me to live.  

I am blessed.

God has always shown up and provided be it financial, physical, emotional, relational.   Blessings abound in my life.  My daily gratitude journal is evidence of that. 

I am called.  

God has called me to fulfill a purpose here in this life.  He has taken me through things, specifically as it relates to body image and healthy living, so that I can share freedom in Christ with others.

That’s 4 things, big things I’ve learned.  “So what about the half?”, you ask.  

I’m OK…..not yet okay.*  

*OK and okay can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing.  I’m using the 2 letters vs 4 letters to show I’m halfway there with being fully O.K.A.Y. 😉

Here’s the deal.  I’m learning and embracing that I’m okay just like I am.  But it’s hard.  It’s hard to embrace the OK on days you don’t feel so OK.  On those days you feel like you’ve messed up terribly in your relationships.  Or the days you forego honoring your body and over exercise or eat all the sweets.  

Yes, I’ve learned I need to be okay with myself right here right now.  But I’m not always okay with myself.  Sometimes I’m just OK.  We’re all a work in progress.  

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I’d love for you to join me in my Facebook group:  Faith and Fitness with Marsha.  It’s a wonderful supportive group of women 30ish + who are learning these same concepts and applying them to our daily lives.  We want to live fit and free and honor our Creator by honoring the body He has entrusted to us.  Sister, if you’re not yet 45, don’t wait until 45 to learn these fundamentals.  And if you are beyond 45 and still struggle, there is no need to struggle another day.  

You are loved.

You are free.

You are blessed.

You are called.  

You are okay exactly like you are. Today.  

Please celebrate that with me for my birthday and everyday here after.  

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