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Tell Your Story ~ 5 Years Later

April 26, 2020 marked five years since I saw it in lights:  Tell Your Story.  

It’s been five years since I started sharing my story with the world…or well, with the small corner where I’ve been placed.  

The day recently came and went before I even realized it.  I was working on a project that asked how many years I had been doing this work, and I had to go back and look.  You know, after a year or two the years kind of start flowing together and it’s hard to remember exactly.  

The interesting thing is that when I referred back to a post that I had written about the start of it all, I realized that April 26, 2020 was a Sunday as was that day five years ago.  And it was on that Sunday in 2015 when I walked into the church I was attending at the time with the question heavy on my heart about the next steps I was supposed to take, and the words Tell Your Story were in lights.  Yes, literally in lights.  

Side note:  I believe God always hears and answers our prayers.  I’m not one to challenge God with if…then statements like “if You put it in lights, then I’ll do it” nor do I claim to have heard God’s audible voice.  But I do know He hears my prayers and answers them.  I simply have a hard time always listening and obeying.  

But on this particular day and for this particular matter, He answered clearly.  Tell your story

And so began this online career where I simply started sharing how God helped me learn to live a fit and healthy life without being driven by the latest diet, gimmick, or quick fix.  

I began telling my story of how I live fit and free.  

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have a bikini body by social media standards.  The size of my jeans is a double digit.  

An update - five years after I saw TELL YOUR STORY in lights. Share on X

But then, those things have been true my entire life.  

What changed is how I approach a healthy life and how I view my body

My life from elementary and beyond was a diet.  I believed my purpose in life was to lose weight and to feel pretty.  

I loved Jesus and knew He loved me but this area of my life proved to be the struggle that nearly kept me from living the life God designed for me to live.  Thankfully it kept me on my knees and eventually I surrendered.  

Fast forward to 2015.  

This was a few years after I had read Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and stopped circling the mountain in my wilderness of diets, gimmicks, and quick fixes and turned north towards freedom.  

In 2015, I met a special gal online and joined a challenge group she was hosting.  That group showed me that I didn’t want to continue on my journey alone, and I learned that I could help other women who have had the same struggles with body image and who simply wanted to be free from worrying about losing weight all the time.  

Since then, I’ve coached and counseled a number of women and have helped them gain the confidence to care for her unique body in a way that honors God and frees her up to live the life God has designed for her.  These women are feeling good in their body now, no longer waiting to feel good 5-10 pounds from now.  

I’ve written three books and one study guide.  I have created a thriving membership community where women put into practice my Faith and Fitness Framework and receive daily support and accountability.  

We all have a story to tell. Mine is how God set me free from diets, gimmicks, and quick fixes so I can help others do the same. Share on X

I share my heart on my blog and on social media with one goal:  To help women know that they matter, right now just as they are.  No diets required.  No permission from someone else to tell them to take care of themselves.  

I want women to know they can feel good now, at this age and stage of life in the body that they currently inhabit.  

If they have areas of their life that they need to improve, they can do it.  But they can do it without judgement, without diets, and without punishing themselves. They can do it with confidence by building on a foundation of faith.  

That’s my story…why I’m here five years later.  Everything changed when God showed me my answer in lights:  Tell your story. 

Does my story help you?  Can I help you?  I’d love to connect.  

Do you have a story you’ve been waiting to tell?  Maybe my story can be an encouragement for you to tell your story. 

God set me free so that I could live the life He designed for me to live.  He wants to set you free so you can do the same in the corner of the world where He has placed you.  

Thank you for being here!  I hope we’re checking in again five years from now! 

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