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Tell Your Story: It Was in Lights and I Had to Obey

Tell Your Story

It was 2015.  I decided to take a big step.  At the time I really didn’t know where it would lead or if it would lead to anything at all, but I knew I didn’t know much other than I had to do this.  Now I had to obey.  

It had started a couple months prior when I participated in a “40 Days of Prayer and Fitness” group.  

I always thought I was okay doing life on my own.  God and I could handle my struggles.  I mean, I had struggled forever with my self-image, always wanting to lose just 5 or 10 more pounds.  But that was going to be my life, my normal.  

However, I was convinced to do life with a group of ladies from all over the United States in a closed Facebook group for 40 days.  We checked in.  We shared scripture.  Gals of all ages prayed for each other.  We talked health and fitness. Some were runners, others lifted weights, and some did DVD workouts in their living rooms.  Some had baby weight to lose, others had some toning up they wanted to do, while many looked like they couldn’t get anymore fit and lean.  None of that mattered.  The workouts, the scales.  All that mattered was that we had hearts that wanted more of Him in our lives and part of that was being a good steward of these bodies we were given.  

We shared our story of how and why we ended up in that group at that time. Share on X

And with that group, it all clicked.  I realized that this struggle that I’ve had, looking in the mirror, accepting and being thankful for this body I’ve been given, was/is an avenue for me to empower other women to be fit AND to be free.  You see, you can be fit, but you can be in so much bondage.  Slave to a scale.  Bound to a number.  Relying on a supplement or a pill.  Held captive to a rigid workout and diet plan.  That’s not how we were meant to live.  

While I was in the group, God did some work in my heart.  Oh, I may have lost a few inches (because having some accountability always helps!), but the real transformation was on the inside.  I began to look beyond myself.  I’m fit.  I needed to live free!  Quit looking for affirmation.  Stop comparing.  Quit trying quick fixes.  No more buying into the gimmicks.  

In the process, I began to share and interact more in the group.  I recognized that God wanted to set me free so I could help other women find what is “fit” for them and live free in the bodies that they’ve been given.  

tell your story lights
I wish I would’ve taken a picture when I first saw the message, but this was the only file photo I could get. Thanks to Shelbyville Community Church for sharing this with me.

Through this group I learned how I could become a counselor and fitness coach to other women.  I mulled it over.  

But then on Sunday, April 26, 2015 I walked into church where I saw  Tell Your Story  in big lights on the stage.  It was my confirmation.  I wasn’t sure what that would look like or where it would take me, but I needed to obey.  

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My first step was signing up with Beachbody as a coach (but keep reading, please!  I’m not trying to sell you! In fact, I’m not even with Beachbody anymore.), and since that day it has evolved into more than that.  Now I’m telling my story on social media, on my blog, and in Facebook groups.  I meet women who need encouragement and who are tired of spinning their wheels.  Women who are ready to work from the inside out.

And now you have an opportunity to look at your fitness in a totally different way.  In fact, every week I send free tips and insights in my weekly email.  I’m always up for a phone call, a walk, or a cup of coffee if you want to chat more.  

I have 2 reasons for sharing my story….

First is to let you know why I’m in this space and my passion for seeing all women  living fit and free.

find your why
Are you ready to tell your story?

Second is to encourage you to follow the prompting in your heart.  Are you feeling like you need to step out in faith in some area of your life?  You will get confirmation.  When you follow that passion that is in your heart, there is no greater feeling.  Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  The meaning of the verse is this:  If you follow Christ, He will place in your heart desires for the things of Him, for His plan for your life.  When you experience that longing or need to do something, it’s from Him.  Follow it.  

I’m not sure what the next year will bring.  All I know is that I know my why.  I know I want to obey.  He will keep showing me how.

When you find your WHY, He'll show you HOW. #runmyrace Share on X

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