Sunday Devotions 2023

Hold Me Steady ~ Sunday Devotion

On the day when I was weakest, they attacked. But the Lord held me steady. Psalm 18:18 (TLB)

The Lord delivered David from his enemies, and He will deliver you.

You and I might not have enemies like David did, but we do face Satan and his attacks. Satan knows our vulnerable parts. He knows where we’re weak and when we’re weak, and he’s ready to attack. But the Lord will hold us. When we build our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, He will hold us steady. 

One of my vulnerable parts is my relationship with my body. Before I asked the Lord to help me in this area, Satan attacked. Regularly. He still does, but the Lord now holds me steady because I built my healthy life on a firm foundation of faith. 

Satan knows our vulnerable parts and is ready to attack. But when we build our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus, He will hold us steady. Share on X

For many women, body image is a vulnerable area. It’s an easy attack for Satan. As a result, we often feel insecure and alone. We become frustrated and down on ourselves. When those times happen, Satan thrives. He keeps poking at us and dropping unkind thoughts into our minds. Then we start looking for a new diet or supplement to help us when what we really need to do is reach out to the Lord. Going to Him and reading His Word will ground you. To fight Satan, you need to put on the armor of God and use the Word as your sword. 

Are you ready for an attack? I’m not trying to be a pessimist, but we know Satan is always on the prowl. Get yourself ready by checking your foundation and daily putting on God’s armor so you can remain steady by allowing the Lord to hold you.

Action Step: What area of your life feels most vulnerable? Check your foundation. Build each and every area of your life on the firm foundation of God’s Word. Trust Him to hold you steady no matter what’s happening to or around you. 

Happy Sunday!

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