Sunday Devotions 2023

When I Started Living ~ Sunday Devotion

This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your word has given me life. Psalm 119:50 (NKJV)

When I allowed God’s Word to truly penetrate my heart is when I started living. 

I spent most of my early years and into adulthood struggling, afflicted with insecurity. I based my worth on my weight and the reflection in the mirror. My distorted thoughts told me my weight wasn’t low enough and that my looks were pretty enough. I hid from life because I wasn’t enough. 

Even though I hid, so to speak, I spent time in God’s Word. While I struggled to reconcile what His Word said about me with how I felt, I kept digging into it. Admittedly, I spent many years praying but then going about things my way – trying every diet, chasing quick fixes, and seeking the approval of others. Eventually, I became so exhausted trying to do things my way that I allowed God to fully get my attention. And it came through His Word. Specifically, Deuteronomy 2:3. When I stopped circling the mountain of diets, gimmicks, and quick fixes and followed God out of my desert is when I started living. He set me free, free to embrace my age and stage of life.

When I allowed God’s Word to truly penetrate my heart is when I started living. Before that, I hid from life because I felt I wasn’t enough. Click To Tweet

He’s ready to set you free too. God’s Word gives life when we open our hearts to it. His promises aren’t empty words. They can become our firm foundation when we embrace this truth. Once you’re planted on this firm foundation, you too can start living! In His Word, you’ll find hope, strength, and renewed purpose. 

Action Step: Are you truly living? Have you embraced your age and stage of life? Or, are you struggling? Does an area of your life need to be revived? Go to God’s Word. That’s where you’ll find life so you can start living. 

Happy Sunday!

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