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Small Beginnings ~ Sunday Devotion

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand. Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

Small beginnings. 

Earlier this week in religious education class, I taught my second graders about the mustard seed. In the book of Mark, we learn that it is the smallest of seeds but the largest of plants. The mustard plant has a small beginning, but the results are extraordinary.

This passage in Zechariah is about building a temple, one brick at a time, making sure that everything lines up. We can take the words of this verse and apply them to how we build our healthy lives. 

Are you trying to do it all at once? Take a small step today. Small beginnings will result in lasting changes. #FaithAndFitness #OneStepAtATime Share on X

First, it’s important to start on a foundation of faith. Without that firm foundation, none of your efforts will be sustainable. 

Then you must build one brick at a time. Small beginnings. Slow work. 

How do you build a healthy life that is sustainable? Small steps. Make one change. Go slow. Get consistent with that change, then add another. 

When construction workers build a house, they don’t just toss the bricks and hope they stack and stay. They place each brick. And each brick requires mortar to stay in place. The worker spends time and attention on each brick before going to the next one. Once it’s secure, he can move on.

And so it is with your healthy life. Get one brick. What action will you take? Spend time doing that action before you get another brick, take another action.  

Are you trying to do it all at once? Have you only focused on big changes only to be disappointed when you fail? Take a small step today. Small beginnings will result in lasting changes. Ask God to help you. He will bless your obedience.

Action Step: Step back and take a look at how you’re building your healthy life. If you’ve tried to do too much at once, go back to the beginning. Commit your work to the Lord then take one small step. Get secure with that one before you move on. Don’t despise your small beginnings because the Lord doesn’t. He’s rejoicing to see your obedience to Him. 

Happy Sunday! 

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