Sunday Devotions 2023

My Shield ~ Sunday Devotion

But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. Psalm 3:3 (NIV)

Have you ever wanted to hide? Felt vulnerable and exposed? Have you been discouraged or downcast? Simply felt like you needed protection and a safe haven?

Run to the Lord. He is a place of refuge. He will shield you with His love. 

We just wrapped up Mental Health Awareness Month. It makes me think how we often need our hearts and minds to be guarded, protected from fear and doubt. Emotions can be overwhelming. Negative thoughts rage. But the Lord can be a shield for us. With His shield around us, He instills courage within us and gives us strength to persevere. 

When we find our worth in Christ, He will restore our hope. Let Him lift your head and be your confidence. Share on X

When you want to hang your head because you’re discouraged or feeling despair, God wants to lift it up. When we find our worth in Christ, He will restore our hope. He is our source and will give us strength to face the challenges of life. 

Action Step: If you’re feeling as if life is throwing darts at you, ask the Lord to be your shield. Let Him set a guard around your heart and your mind today. Plant yourself safely in His care.  

Happy Sunday!

It’s important to note that God’s Word is a powerful source of strength and can be applied to any and every area of our lives, including our mental health. It is also essential to seek appropriate help when dealing with mental health concerns. I’m a counselor but not your counselor, so I can’t address your specific needs. Caring for your mental health includes various means including therapy and medication. Please utilize all of those available to you. 


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