Shelby Roadrunners


63 points possible (updated 5/25/2024)

  • Dick – 63
  • Mike – 62
  • Marsha – 60
  • Larry – 56
  • Sara – 55
  • Leann – 52
  • Wes – 35
  • Steve – 28
  • Britney – 18
  • Ethan – 14
  • Tammy – 10
  • Elaine – 8
  • Mrs. Hunton – 5
  • Trevor – 4
  • Nate – 2
  • Shane – 2
  • Aimee – 2
  • Tanner – 2
  • Jeremy – 2
  • Lynn – 1
  • Thomas – 1
  • Corb – 1
  • Amy – 1

To be eligible for an attendance point, you must be present at the noted start time. You can be starting or finishing your run or walk. You may receive an attendance point for participating in an Energy2Action race that takes place on a Saturday during our meeting time, if you are already on this attendance list. Please let Mike or Marsha know if you’d like credit.

To be eligible for Top 10 award, you must attend a minimum of 30 runs during the calendar year.

Century Club is awarded to anyone who attends 100 training runs during the calendar year.

Current Meeting Locations

Monday 5:00PM – American Legion on Miller Avenue. Please park by the flag pole. If inclement weather, we can meet under the roof by the front door of the building.

Wednesday 5:00PM – The Colour Palette parking lot on John Street. Park near the railroad tracks.

Saturday 7:30AM – Parking garage entrance on W. Washington Street.

Note: Monday and Wednesday routes are marked. Distance: 3 miles. At each training run, you will find people of various levels of distance and/or pace. There is no requirement or guarantee that you will have someone to run or walk with. We find the accountability and community happens when we meet up a few minutes before start time. Some people choose to run or walk and finish at the meeting time, while most take off after we’ve checked in. We do start right on time.

Weekly Newsletter

Sent Sunday, May 26, 2024

Hi Runners! It was way too hot on Monday night. Ten showed up to complain about it, none more vocal than Britney, though. She was the one who used her outside voice to say what everyone else was thinking. Ha! I can now confirm that there is a nice working water fountain at Morrison Park. It’s in the center of the park, so it makes for a nice stop on the run. I can also tell you that you can get 2 miles by skipping the right turn onto Miller Street and simply going down Evans then turning left onto West Street and picking up the route from there. We had 8 show up on Wednesday night. It was hot again. Shane drove by and taunted us from his air-conditioned car. I ran through the cemetery and noticed a working fountain. I’m not sure it will be good drinking water, but it might be nice to splash on your face on a hot summer evening. It comes up at about 1.5 miles. It was damp on Saturday morning, but the sun came up for the seven who showed up. Farmers Market is hopping. Be sure to visit after your run.

Training: Monday (yes, Memorial Day Monday, we’ll meet!) at American Legion at 5:00PM. Wednesday at Colour Palette at 5:00PM. Saturday at parking garage entrance on W. Washington Street at 7:30AM.

Racing: Tomorrow is the annual Memorial Day Mile in Franklin. You can still sign up here. Energy2Action Strawberry 5K is Saturday, June 8 at Blue River Memorial Park. More information here. Lauren’s Burg HILL is on June 15 in Lawrenceburg, IN. You have a 5K and 5 mile option. Find information here.

Happy Running!


Mike’s Running Tip: People who complain they are not wired for running conduct the most static.

Changes Effective January 1, 2024

  • Shelby Roadrunners will no longer be on the Energy2Action website. This also means we are no longer part of the cumulative attendance race.
  • I will be keeping one attendance list for our 3 weekly training runs (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday) and we will award the year-end attendance awards.
  • To be eligible for top 10, you must have attended a minimum of 30 training runs.
  • We will recognize those who attend 100 or more training runs in the Century Club.
  • IF you are already on the attendance list, we will count your attendance at a Saturday Energy2Action race. (You might have to tell me you did the race, though!)
  • Be warned: The Nice and Naughty List will continue!
  • 2024 is 20 years of Shelby Roadrunners. We will celebrate this milestone with a new shirt. Ideas are welcome.
  • You can find information about Shelby Roadrunners on our Facebook page (  and on this web page: If you want something posted on the website or the Facebook page, please contact me about it.
  • If you cannot make our training runs, Energy2Action has the following opportunities for you to attend: Tuesday evening in Franklin, Wednesday evening at the Shelbyville YMCA, Saturday morning in Franklin. Check the Energy2Action website for details.
  • Weekly email will go out every Sunday and posted on this page as well.
  • Running on a route that goes by Big Ben has always been a popular way to pass time.
  • People who complain they are not wired for running conduct the most static.

Social Media

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Mike’s 2024 Running Tips

  • To increase your miles, make more revolutions your resolution.
  • People who don’t write down goals for the new year report their running feels listless.
  • “Naked running” is a good time to start a running streak.
  • If jogging suits are for jogging what is the function of a windbreaker?
  • After a certain age, your running gear always becomes low gear.
  • When asked if your clothing is reflective, just say you need to think about it.
  • It is permissible to wear your heart on your sleeve on Valentine’s Day.
  • When asked to run in a blizzard, the first response is often, “There is snow way!”
  • Looking for a running window opportunity can be a real pane.
  • Bundling your car insurance won’t keep you warmer on a bitter cold run.
  • The stress in stress fractures is not being able to run.
  • Are runners who only run short distances considered near-sighted?
  • There is no “I” in run or it would be ruin. That is why running groups exist.
  • The favorite Bible book for runners is Numbers.
  • Running through a valley twice is known as a double dipper.
  • Although confusing, you can run on final four week, and it doesn’t have to be final run, and you don’t have to run on all fours.
  • People who wear shoulder pads to run are not well-received.
  • Mini conversations are about running around the famed track.
  • If you are unable to do a race because of toe injury, you can always look for a “ stubstitute”!
  • Remember: Only you can prevent forest falls.

2023 Nice and Naughty List

Hey Shelby Roadrunners!

Santa has been making his list, and recently he checked it twice. Now it’s time for you to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. 

The list is getting a bit shorter as the group is getting a bit smaller. Even though the group is getting older (a few of you are anyway, but not all of us!), there are plenty who still act like toddlers. 

Following is the report that I got from Santa. (Remember, I’m just the messenger!) 

Steve – He only showed up a handful of times this year, but he made sure to show up on January 2nd, the first run of the year, to vie for the top spot in attendance. It was NICE that he showed up, but his lack of attendance throughout the year put him on the NAUGHTY List. 

Sara – It was NICE that Sara brought cherry thing-a-lings once again this year and hosted the Christmas party. But for calling Tammy a bad mom, giving Larry a hard time about his backwards shirt, and not knowing the reference to 51 was about my upcoming birthday, Sara ended up on the NAUGHTY List. 

Larry – It was NAUGHTY for Larry to come back to running before the doctor released him and then later in the year to miss his birthday, but he ended up on the NICE List because he’s stayed healthy, and he eventually brought birthday treats. 

Dick – It’s NAUGHTY that Dick is making it a race with yours truly for the top spot in attendance, but he ended up on the NICE list for bringing full-size candy bars on his birthday, cold water to the park on a very hot summer evening, staying around for over a year, and arranging for us to be able to meet at the American Legion. 

Tammy – It was NICE that Tammy took attendance a couple of times when Mike and I were gone and NICE that she brought good birthday treats on her birthday and even shared the extra with Sara, but she’s on the NAUGHTY List because she made the group overdose on sugar in October just so she could have a good Halloween costume. (If you need more, she thought Jeremy was a homeless person.)

Leann – It was NAUGHTY that Leann celebrated her birthday in Florida without us and no treats for us, but she’s on the NICE List for getting me a cool “Running Mom” t-shirt for my birthday. 

Britney – It was NICE for Britney to show up over a month later after her birthday with belated treats, but she’s on the NAUGHTY List for missing her birthday, having never run on Springhill, and for having surgery that resulted in us worrying about her. 

Wes – It was NICE that he brought his family, his entire family, his family of four, on August 28 and even brough baby bundt cakes, but he’s on the NAUGHTY List all day long because he never told us Aimee was pregnant?!? 

Trevor – The poor child is Wes’s son, so there’s a NAUGHTY streak in him by default, but he’s on the NICE List for showing up with birthday treats and inviting us to his birthday party (an invitation Wes quickly interrupted) and always bringing lots of energy when he shows up.  

Mrs. Hunton – It was NICE of her to show up at the first run of the year, but then she didn’t show up for months. Because she didn’t pick up her 2022 attendance award until May, showed up on August 5 fifteen seconds before start time without birthday treats, and broke her foot for overuse, she is on the NAUGHTY List this year. 

Jeremy – It was NICE of him to pick up an unidentified styrofoam container and throw it away (we weren’t sure if we should call the bomb-sniffing dogs) and for him to become Mike Jr. one Saturday when Mike was gone to get us started on time. But, you must’ve known that Jeremy could never end up on that list. He’s on the NAUGHTY List because he tried to get Trevor in trouble before his birthday party, and he showed up with no shirt and no shoes on August 26, and well, for just being Jeremy.  

If you’ve attended a run this year but not on this list, it’s NAUGHTY of you to not show up enough to get on Santa’s radar, but you’re on the NICE List for attending at least once. Your attendance, even a few times a year, is what will keep us going for another 20 years!

If you’re reading this but didn’t show up to a run in 2023, it’s NICE of you to keep reading but consider yourself on the NAUGHTY List for never showing up. We’d love to see you in 2024. 

Mike – Mike is a special case….as always. He does a lot of NICE things throughout the year including Top 10 awards and century club. He also helps with attendance and even brought cold water to a run on a hot night. For his 50 attendance points award, he even chose the free pass OFF the Naughty List. But you see, there are some things that can not be excused. Specifically, it’s the things that he says, things I can’t even put on this list. Hints: people being cold, cup sizes of Reese’s, and the Purdue P. So let it be known that even a free pass can not save Mike from ending up on Santa’s NAUGHTY List. 

Another special case is yours truly, Santa’s favorite elf. I may have been NAUGHTY for missing POG, for getting into the treats to celebrate Leann’s 100th run before I took them to her, and for reporting to Shelby County Ohio Fairgrounds about a dog running loose in Shelby County Indiana Fairgrounds (It was an honest mistake! For which Shelby Co. OH Fairgrounds are on the NICE List and our own are on the NAUGHTY List.), but don’t you think it’s NICE of me to keep you informed of Santa’s decision every year? That’s what I thought. So Santa put me on the NICE List once again! 

As you can see, there’s a little NICE and a little NAUGHTY in each of us. May you be a little nicer than you are naughty in 2024! (I’ll be keeping notes for Santa!)


Santa’s Favorite Elf

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