How to Set Yourself Up For Your Best Year Yet

Are you ready for your best year yet?

Last week I shared my word and verse for the year and more importantly I shared that I wasn’t quite ready for 2018 when it arrived.  And I’m still coasting into it.  

I haven’t set a ton of big goals or major plans, BUT I do have some focus.  And that came after I took last week to walk, not run, into the New Year.

In fact, we did it together in the Facebook group.  I shared how we can set our goals, plans, intentions, resolutions (call them whatever you will).  Facebook  lives are still available in the group so feel free to stop by and catch up!  

How do we set ourselves up for our best year yet?

First, we have to focus inward.

Our plans can’t be based on what someone else is doing or even a success someone else had with a certain thing or following a certain program.  

We are all unique.  It’s the wonderful way that God made us… be different.  And therefore we have to learn our own bodies and honor our own lives…..from likes and dislikes to schedules and abilities, access to things, etc.  

Our plans for our best year yet can't be based on what someone else is doing. Share on X

Some questions to ask yourself when you start making goals and thinking about your intentions and focus for the year are these:

  • WHY do I want this thing?  This question is so important!
    • If your motivation comes from a place of guilt or shame or the need to punish yourself, the thing won’t last.  The follow through won’t come.
  • Will this make me a better person? Will this improve your interactions with your friends, family, loved ones?
  • Is there biblical truth that I can apply?  Have you checked out scripture?  Is there a scripture that can become your prayer, your foundation, or your guide into this plan for the new year?
  • Is this sustainable?  Can you see yourself doing this thing or adapting to this change 3 months from now, 6 months,or even a year?  Our goal needs to be to develop a healthy way to live that is sustainable.  

Next we need to commit.  

What I mean by this is that once we’ve done this work we can be confident that we’re headed in the right direction.  And therefore we can keep our eyes on our own paper and not get distracted by what someone else is doing.  

When our friend is talking about the detox she is doing or the new exercise plan she is following, we can’t begin to second guess the direction we’re heading.  All this does is delay our own progress when we get distracted and start trying something that works for someone else.  

Finally we implement the steps we need to take to make lasting changes in our lives.  

The key here is understanding that if we are on a journey to make lasting changes, results don’t happen overnight.  We’re working towards a lifestyle so that this becomes a seamless way to live.  

Do the work now to set yourself up for your best year yet and many more to come. Share on X

And the best part is next year we won’t be having this conversation about changes that we need to make, we’ll just continue living life and doing life in the way we have established it.  

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