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Second Quarter 2024 Summary – A Glimpse into My Planner

We’ve come to the end of the second quarter of 2024. I’ve been doing these recaps for several years by giving you a glimpse into my planner. That’s the place where I keep track of everything. But this year, I had to get a new planner. After six years of using Kitlife Planners, I learned that they were no longer publishing print planners. I had to search for a new one. I loved the way my old planner was laid out, so I searched for one that was as close to my Kitlife as possible. I eventually landed on an Ashley Shelly Planner. It doesn’t have quite everything I had been accustomed to, but midway into 2024, I feel as if I’m adjusting. 2024 planner

My new planner has a To Do List, Schedule, and Notes area. It also has 3 boxes that I can use as I please. What I loved about my Kitlife is that it had a place for my workout, gratitude list, and meals, so that’s how I label the 3 boxes each month. Therefore, I can continue to track the important things to work on each day: my workouts, my gratitude list, and meal plans. I no longer track self-care on a daily basis because there is a small section at the beginning of each month for me to log what I’ll do for self-care. 

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So, let’s get on with a summary of April, May, and June.

The Highlights

The Eclipse – It happened on April 8. There are no words. Simply grateful to have been in the path of totality.

Ethan turned 21 in April! He’s home for the summer and doing an internship at Eli Lilly. 

21-day Fit and Free Program – I brought back this program for those in my Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community. We spent most of May reading devotions in the Made to Crave Devotional to help develop, reinforce, or recommit to their individual approach to healthy living. 

Move More Challenge – This free 7-day challenge led into Mile a Day Challenge for those who chose to continue through July 4.

Pray More Challenge – This annual challenge helped women get their focus back on Jesus. When we communicate regularly with the Lord, everything else falls into place. We can see more clearly how to proceed in our fitness or any other area of our lives that we want to improve. 

Found on my gratitude list

  • Good sleep
  • Ethan home
  • Biking
  • Fun fingernails
  • Pedicure
  • Fresh haircut and color
  • Speaking engagements
  • After-dinner walks
  • Ankle feeling better and back to running
  • Beautiful days
  • Eclipse
  • Massage
  • Wing night
  • Colts tickets
  • Family time
  • Farmers market season


Yoga every day. Ten to thirty-minute yoga flows help me wake up my body. They often include stretching and flexibility as well as strength and balance moves.

My running was interrupted the first part of April due to tendonitis. It’s taking me some time to get back to my daily run of 2-3 miles with one 5 mile run each Saturday. I had to run/walk a 5K in April that I had planned to race. However, by Memorial Day, I was ready to do a one-mile race. I was pleasantly surprised with my time. I’m still tending to my ankle tendonitis, but it’s doing well. I’ll take the excuse of a hot summer to keep my mileage a little lower than it was in the first quarter. 

Weights. I’m still doing a Metabolic Conditioning program. I spend about 15 minutes lifting weights four days a week. We can’t underestimate the benefits of strength training. Anything you can do that has you bearing weight on your body will help your bones and muscles and lead to longevity. 

Walk. I take short walks daily. I try to get outside for a walk around the block in the middle of the day, and my husband and I (and my son when he’s home) take a short walk after dinner. These walks are helpful for digestion as well as clearing my mind and spending time with the special people in my life. 


As I’ve noted before, I don’t advocate for strict meal planning, but I do think it’s helpful to have a plan. This helps you avoid last minute decisions, grazing, or getting carryout every night. I use the box in my planner to plan dinners for the week so that I have ingredients prepared and thawed. I also use it to jot down what I eat most days. It helps me stay mindful


What’s next?

  • Drink More (Water!) Challenge – This free 7-day challenge will happen in July in my Faith and Fitness Sisterhood.
  • Eat More (Slowly!) Challenge – This free 7-day challenge will happen in August in my Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community.
  • Biking – Less running, more biking. 
  • Grilling outside 
  • Annual doctor visit – Even without a scale, I expect to be in maintenance mode.
  • Continue working on my next book – This book focuses on the lessons I’ve learned by finding money on my run. 
  • I’ll be 52 in September – Continue to embrace my age and stage of life and help other women do the same!

Cheers to quarter three of 2024!

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