2nd quarter 2023

Second Quarter 2023 Review

We’ve come to the end of the second quarter of 2023. I’ve been doing these recaps for several years by giving you a glimpse into my Kitlife Planner. That’s the place where I keep track of everything. In fact, it even has a quarterly check-in spot.  

Kitlife 2023

The main parts of my Kitlife Daily are…

  • The Big 3 – This helps me prioritize. What three things must I get done today?
  • Self-Care – This is a daily practice. Self-care is so much more than a spa day. It’s little things done daily that fill my cup. 
  • Gratitude – I write down three things each day that I’m grateful for. Some days they are big things but many days they’re the simple things.  
  • Activity – Place to track regular exercise. 
  • Meal Plan – Sometimes this serves as an area for me to note what I eat throughout the day, other times it’s what I plan for dinner. 

There’s also plenty of space for notes or journaling. I often jot down my social media posting schedule here as well as notes from my Bible study or a quote I want to remember.

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I’ve been using a Kitlife Planner since 2018. It’s the best planner ever! 

So how did April, May, and June go?

The Highlights

Drink More Challenge – Several women increased their water intake by participating in this free challenge.

Move More Challenge – This free challenge got women ready to commit to at least one mile a day between Memorial Day and July 4 for the Mile a Day Challenge.

Book Signings – I released my latest devotional in March and had the opportunity to do two local signings, one at Three Sisters Books & Gifts where you can get a copy. Then, I did a signing at our local fairgrounds during an event there. 

Ethan turned 20, finished his sophomore year at Indiana University, then went to Clemson University in South Carolina for a summer internship. We had the opportunity to visit him for a weekend at the end of June. 

Some self-care I practiced

  • Clean house
  • Nap
  • Skipped an event that I didn’t feel up to going to
  • After dinner walk
  • #Moderation365
  • Grocery pickup
  • Had a difficult conversation with someone
  • Started taking allergy meds
  • Latte
  • Time in the Adoration Chapel
  • Gave myself some grace
  • Hit snooze an extra time
  • Eye doctor
  • Painted my fingernails
  • Didn’t take my running shoes to Clemson

Found on my gratitude list

  • Sound of rain
  • Zoom calls
  • Having Ethan home
  • Good sleep
  • Beautiful weather
  • First Communion kiddos
  • Thank you call from a friend
  • Water
  • Texts with my mom
  • Early sunrise
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip scone
  • Walk with friends
  • Time with family
  • Message from a new friend
  • Farmers Market
  • Visit with Ethan
  • Ben’s new job
  • Cycling season


Yoga is a given on a daily basis. 

5K races – I did a 5K race in Bloomington, Indiana which gave me the opportunity to visit Ethan. I also participated in a local 5K to support a local cause. I don’t do a lot of racing these days, but it still feels good to get out for a short one and push myself a little. 

New strength training – I continue to embrace strength training as I age. I’ve learned that it’s important to phase strength training and change it up to challenge my muscles in different ways. 

Cycling season – It’s summer, and that means I’m riding more often. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday are the days I have rides planned with friends.

How I used meal plan section

Awareness is key, so I mostly use the meal plan section to jot down what I eat most days and plan ahead for weeknight meals. No numbers. No calories. Simply what I eat. It helps me pause and be aware of what I’m eating and to make sure I’m getting plenty of protein and produce. My approach is #Moderation365. It’s the only sustainable way! 


Not Made to Be Alone – We did this Love God Greatly study together in my Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community. An excerpt from the study sums up this community perfectly: 

Biblical community is a group of like-minded Christians who are devoted to learning and living out God’s Word in their lives. It is more than a social club or group of friends with similar interests gathering together. Cultivating a biblical community in your life means going beyond surface conversations to intentional time spent together encouraging and building each other up in God’s Word. The motive behind the fellowship is a love for God, a love for each other, and a desire to help each other live our lives in obedience and honor to God.

It goes on to describe the local church this way, but again, it perfectly describes this community: a gathering of like-minded people who love Jesus and have a desire to grow, teach, learn, encourage, and support each other while also providing accountability and connection. In this case, our “desire” to take a faith-first approach to health and wellness is what brought us here, but as you quickly become aware, that pursuit leads to so much for life in Christ.

Walking With Purpose – We did this study while doing the Mile a Day Challenge. 

Enduring Hope – I’m currently in the middle of this Love God Greatly Bible study.

What’s next?

Annual doctor visit – This is an important part of self-care. 

Eat More Challenge – Stay tuned for details on this free challenge. 

Christmas in July – Pull out Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days and have some Christmas in July fun. You’ll find that much of what is written in this book isn’t only a 31-day guide to a happy, healthy December. It can be a guide to a happy, healthy YOU any time! 

Ethan comes home from Clemson then back to IU for his junior year.

Colts 5K – This is one of my favorite events of the year.

Cheers to the 2nd Quarter of 2023!

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