That Day I Finally Threw Away the Scales…Once and For All!

{Posted January, 2017}

The scales are no more in my house.

The scales have been gone from my house for well over a year now. I’ve written about visiting the doctor and refusing to get on the scales. Recently I shared to my email list how I refused to let my husband bring scales back into my house. There is nothing beneficial that comes from them (even though my husband tried to convince me otherwise! lol!)

I must admit it wasn’t the first time I had gotten rid of my scales. I had tried it a few times over the course of my adult life, but I’d always convince myself that I needed them back in my house. But not this time!

If conviction doesn’t lead us to action, then what?

The day the scales went in the trash! #runmyrace #focus Share on X

I was inspired to throw them away after reading a devotion by Michelle Myers. The conviction led me to take action. Specifically she wrote this:  

“Why would we ever base our worth on a number that no one knows but us? It’s just a number, and it shouldn’t consume us the way it does all too often.” Then here comes the clincher: “what is your definition of fitspiration? If it doesn’t point you to a healthy mindset, it’s not inspiring.”

I was on this faith and fitness journey, but the scales were not pointing me to a healthy mindset. Instead I was laser-focused on that number. So I had to do something, and it had to be drastic. I didn’t hide the scales way up in a closet or out in the garage. I took them straight to the trash can! And I haven’t looked back.  

What move do you need to make? That day’s prayer was “God fix my gaze on you.” It’s still my prayer. If it takes your gaze away, maybe it’s time for a big change.

It takes courage. Believe me, I was a little nauseous that day!  

If conviction doesn't lead us to action, then what? #runmyrace #focus Share on X

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  2. Do what is best for you! The scale really helps me with my weight loss goals. I don’t weigh myself everyday, however I do have the option at Weight Watchers to not see my weight if I don’t want to!

    1. That’s a great option at Weight Watchers Sana. And certainly some people can handle the scales better than others….I’m just not one of them 😉

  3. I’m always appalled when I see my number on a scale, but I usually feel like I’m at a “happy weight”. My sugar and caffeine consumption though? That’s a whole different story!

  4. Didn’t it feel good? We have a scale in the bathroom and my hubby is the only one that gets on it- I refuse! It is all about the skinny jeans and as long as i can slide them on then scale be damned!

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