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Roller Coaster Dieting is Never a Fun Ride

Roller coaster dieting.  Yo-yo dieting.  On again, off again.  This cycle can be named anything, but the result is always the same.  You end up right back where you started.

Does the diet ride start as a weight loss issue or as a mindset issue?  

Maybe it’s more of a chicken and egg question.  Which came first?  The quest to lose weight begins by way of dieting then mindset issues begin or was there a problem with our thinking that led to roller coaster dieting?  

No matter where it came from or how it began, the pursuit of weight loss is a roller coaster ride that is no fun.  It’s an issue that infiltrates everything in your life…your thinking, your actions, your relationships…everything.  

Once the battle begins, everything is tied up in the struggle. And it takes courage to get off this ride.  Once you get on a roller coaster at the local amusement park, you aren’t about to get off in the middle.  It would take quite the leap of faith to unbuckle and jump out.  In fact, once you’re securely on the roller coaster, you’re no longer in control of getting off.  You have to ride to the end or get special permission to get off.  

Well, dieting is quite similar.  

Once you get on the path of dieting, you get sucked in and have difficulty getting off.  In fact, it takes a lot of courage and a leap of faith to stop. 

When the ride is over, you experience a variety of feelings.  Some people want to go get back in line so they can ride.  These people will ride it again and again and again.  Others are so glad it’s over and swear never to go again.  Then there are some who say “whatever” and are ready to move onto the next thing.  

Now, let’s look at roller coaster dieting from a mindset issue.  How we think about our weight and our body, or in this case, how we feel about getting on a roller coaster begins before actually getting on.  

If you’re adventurous, you’re all about the ride.  But if you’re a bit intimidated by heights or fast rides, then you’re going to be hesitant about the ride.

No matter where you land on the scale of adventure, you have a conversation with yourself before you get on the ride.  It might be as simple as “Yes, let’s do this!”  But you may spend several minutes arguing with yourself about whether to get on the ride.  

In both cases, peer pressure will have some impact.  Who else is riding?  What will they think if I do, or don’t, ride?  If someone already rode the ride, how did it go for them?  Did they survive it?  Are they going again?

Are you seeing how those same questions come up when we pursue weight loss?

What diet is my friend doing?  What if I don’t want to do that diet?  Is it okay to feel good without being on a diet?

Too often, we start the diet and then realize it’s not for us but how do we get off?

How can we stop roller coaster dieting? 

To simplify, you have 2 options:

  • Don’t get on another roller coaster – aka diet. 
  • If you’re currently riding that roller coaster, have the courage to jump off. 

Let’s face it, even the most adventurous people get off the roller coaster at some point.  

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Whether you love adventure or not, I’m guessing that you don’t love the highs and lows that come with dieting.  Sure it’s exciting to start a new weight loss journey.  How many people do you see posting in January about their New Year’s Resolutions and this “great new program” they’ve signed up for?  But how many are still excited about it three or six months later? 

If you’re a female of any age, chances are that you have tried at least one diet in your life.  There’s an even greater chance that you were recently on one or you’re currently trying to find one.  All the while, you’re frustrated with how your weight loss pursuit has been thus far in your life. 

Instead of embarking on another diet, consider taking some time to focus on your mindset.  

Why are you pursuing another diet?

In general, why are you pursuing weight loss? 

Probably the most courageous step you can take is jumping off the roller coaster.  I know it’s a scary thought.  Our life’s mission is supposed to be to lose weight, and how else do you do that than commit to a diet plan?  

What if I tell you there’s a better way? 

It’s not as adventurous as roller coaster dieting but it’s a ride you can stay on and move steadily forward.  

The way to sustainable lasting results is integrating your faith and your fitness. 

And this circles us back to our first question:  Is it a weight loss issue or a mindset issue?

It starts with how we think.  

Whether you get on a roller coaster at Kings Island or you embark on roller coaster dieting, you do it as a result of a thought and a decision you made.  That decision might not take a long time to make, but you had a choice to get on or not, and you got on.  

And to not ride again, or to get off right now, will take making a decision.  

Are you ready to change your mind about dieting and pursue a sustainable way to live that will give you lasting results?  No more ups and downs?  

Start by building your healthy life on a foundation of faith.  Believe what God says about you and begin to honor Him by honoring your body.  Honoring the way He has uniquely designed you.  

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