Sunday devotional

Righteousness > Sacrifice ~ Sunday Devotional

What are you thinking about right now?

If you take inventory of your thoughts over the last 24 hours, what topic came to mind most often?

Not many years ago, without hesitation, I would’ve said the majority of my thoughts circled around myself – my body, my workout, what I would/could eat, how to feel better in my body and about myself. 

Do you think about those things?  Are these thoughts becoming distractions?

I would’ve been focusing on white-knuckling my way through another day in hopes to feel better about myself and have a scale confirm that the next morning.  

Because, if I wasn’t on a diet and pursuing weight loss, was I even living right?  Aren’t we “better” the more we can control, deny, and sacrifice?

Today’s verse addresses this clearly: 

“To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice [for wrongs repeatedly committed].” Proverbs 21:3 (AMP)

I used the Amplified Bible translation because the last phrase really helps when we apply this to our healthy life.  

How many times have you started over on Monday because you messed up your diet over the weekend?

You get up on Monday committing to yourself, and even to the Lord, that you are going to do better.  “Forgive me for giving into gluttony this weekend and help me be strong this week,” you pray.  

You know, the Lord is most concerned about your heart.  When your heart and mine is right before Him, then obedience in other areas, even in the stewardship of our bodies, comes more easily.  

Does He want us to live a healthy life?  For sure, He does.  But does He want us to do that at the expense of our relationship with Him and with others?  No. 

Making sacrifices such as starting over on Monday by swearing off of sugar will not get you closer to Jesus nor closer to your health goals.  

Those things are only temporary fixes.  Why would we want to do that when we can instead take an integrated approach to our health and wellness and grow closer to Jesus while establishing sustainable healthy habits?

God is most concerned about your heart.  He loves you just as you are.  Will you free up some space in your heart and your mind to let Him in?  The rest will follow.  

Happy Sunday! 

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