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Heal Your Relationship With Food

While I was riding my bike through the county among the cornfields, I noticed flowers blooming alongside the corn. It got me thinking about our relationship with food.

At an early age, I became insecure about my body. Diets were a way of life for me as early as elementary school. Food started being labeled as “good” or “bad.” If I went into the kitchen to get something, my mom would ask what I was eating. Eventually, I felt as if everyone judged what I ate, so I didn’t like to eat around others. Food was synonymous with feelings of guilt and shame.

Fast forward to adulthood when food continued to be the enemy, and I learned to manipulate calories by logging what I ate then exercising to burn off the calories.

I spent a lot of years with an unhealthy relationship with food and my body until I allowed God to heal that and set me free.

This sight of pretty flowers among corn stalks made me think how God created food for our benefit. We can have a positive view of food. Food is good. It’s necessary for us to live. Just like the flowers can grow among the corn so we can have a healthy relationship with food. We can trust ourselves around food. We don’t need to view food as bad.

God made food for nourishment for our bodies as well as for our enjoyment. It's time to heal your relationship with food. It's possible! #FitAndFree #Moderation365 Share on X

When I looked at this scene, I saw that just like the flowers, God created food too. Both can bring joy to our lives.

How’s your relationship with food? Do you like how you eat?

God made food for nourishment for our bodies as well as for our enjoyment. Some would argue that if we really eat what we want, we’d eat junk all the time. I disagree. Eating junk or stuffing yourself is not enjoyable. It doesn’t result in feelings of satisfaction. Just as starving ourselves and living in a state of restriction is not healthy nor enjoyable either. When you heal your relationship with food, you will trust yourself around food. You’ll see the beauty of the food available to you.

To begin healing your relationship with food, slow down today. Pause before you eat. Thank God for the food, for where it came from and who prepared it. Then slowly eat and truly experience the food, the taste, texture, and temperature. Instead of letting feelings of guilt and shame join you for your meal, be grateful and enjoy the peace of taking a time out.

Imagine never dieting again. If this is the life you want, I can help. #Moderation365 is the answer, and I will walk you through the process to heal your relationship with food so you’ll never diet again. Find out more here or email me at

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