Do Your Actions Align With Your Priorities?

Recently, I listened to a podcast titled “Life Never Slows Down.” How often have you or I said, “I’ll do that when I have more time,” or “When things slow down, I’ll get to that”?

​According to this person, life never slows down. I have to agree. I imagine you’d agree too. Life changes. We go through seasons. But there’s always something. We’re always onto the next thing.

What is it that you’re waiting for life to slow down to do? Is there something you want to do but keep putting off or sliding to the back burner?

Do you desire to start your day with prayer and Bible time only to find you’re rushing through your morning once again to simply get out the door on time? Do you want to move more but end up using exercise time for something or someone else? Do you want to make a career change?

The podcaster suggests: Action expresses priority. We do what we really want to do.

So, if there’s something you’re wanting to do or change, you’re going to first have to take an honest look at what you do do. How do you spend our time now? Secondly, how much do you really want to do this new thing or make this change?

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After you take some time with those questions, decide what your next step will be.

Are you satisfied with how your actions are revealing your priorities, or is it time to do something so that your actions align with your priorities?

She ended the podcast by saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

If you’re happy with your life right now, then keep going. Continue to honor this age and stage of life. But if you’re feeling unsettled and out of alignment, it’s time to do something.

What will you change today to embrace the life God has designed for you to live?

You can do this!

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

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