just do one thing

Just Do One Thing

Just do one thing. It sounds too simple. No pain no gain. Doesn’t all success require hard and complicated steps?

Recently I read from two, what I would call reputable, sources about Intermittent Fasting. One source was all about it with science behind it and telling me that I need to get to a point where I’m eating in a 6-8 hour window. 

The second reputable and scientific source told me that as a woman of my age Intermittent Fasting would only cause weight gain.

There is no lack of information in the world about weight loss, growing a business, marriage, parenting, spirituality, etc. We can easily become overwhelmed. And with all the information we tend to complicate our lives. 

I know from experience what it’s like to get overwhelmed with weight loss tips, how to grow my business, ways to be a good mother, etc.  

If you read enough, watch enough, follow enough people, you will hear all kinds of messages and eventually they will contradict each other.  

Just do one thing. 

It’s becoming a hot topic. It’s about ditching overwhelm. Instead let’s just do one thing…and not try to do all the things. Instead of complicating an area we want to grow and improve in, let’s start small. Zero in on something.  

For starters, we must commit to keeping our eyes on our own paper.  

Nobody has a body like yours. Nobody has a business like yours, a child, a spouse, etc. Whatever this area that you’re trying to find THE PLAN for, first of all acknowledge that we’re all different.  Everything, everyone is at least slightly different.  

In my years of struggle with weight loss and body image I consumed all kinds of information from various sources daily.  

What was the result? I was overwhelmed with and paralyzed by the information.  

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Here are some things participants in my Faith and Fitness Membership Community are finding that happens when they commit to their own journey and not someone else’s:

  • Moving toward following God’s lead in caring for my body (and every other area of life) step by step, day by day. Walking in his freedom. 
  • Moving away from feeling like I have to follow any certain “plan” or “method” for eating perfectly. That way of thinking has kept me stuck in a place of defeat for years. Who wants to be stuck like that?  That’s not freedom.  

Have you been trying to do all the things and reach a goal in one month that realistically will take a year?  Or have you not been able to change anything yet, because you don’t know where or how to start?

Choose today to make one change. Just do one thing. Don’t try to do it all.  

  • Add a glass of water. 
  • Set your alarm for 5 -15 minutes early and read your Bible.
  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. 
  • Have a vegetable at dinner tonight.
  • Walk around the block. 

I don’t know what your struggles are or what you’re working for, but to get there start simple. Make one change. Taking that one step, making that one change, could change everything because it will have a ripple effect. Don’t live in overwhelm. Don’t convince yourself that it has to be complicated or hard.  

Just do one thing.  

If you need some help cutting through the noise and focusing on you, send me a message.  We can work one-on-one or you can join my Faith and Fitness Membership Community for ongoing support and accountability.

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