one on one counseling


I’m here to help you take a faith-focused approach to living your best life!

As a Christian, counselor, and wellness influencer, I believe that change happens from the inside out. Sometimes we need to talk through struggles and difficulties to find peace and to free us up to live our lives in the fullness that He’s called us to.

I know your struggles. I’ve either gone through them myself or have worked with women who have gone through a rough time.

Body image.  


Lack of faith.  

Parenting challenges.  

Marriage difficulties. 

Weight loss struggles.  

Just to name a few.

And while I know your struggles, I also know there is a way to get through them. It starts with talking to someone who is ready to listen and equipped to help you take a faith-focused approach to the struggle.

Marsha is a phenomenal counselor.  She encourages me to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, with realistic expectations and attainable goals.  ~Tammy

I’m now taking individual appointments for one on one counseling.

What you’ll get:

  • A listening ear.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Encouragement as well truth and reality.
  • Someone willing to pray with you and for you and direct you to God’s word as it applies to your life.
  • A summary emailed to you with action steps and any resources appropriate for your situation.

This is not your traditional in the office type of counseling that requires several appointments.  I will book a single one hour session with you at a time and location that is comfortable and convenient in order for you get the most out of it.

In the past I’ve met with women:

  • For coffee at a local restaurant.
  • For a walk or a run or a even a bike ride.
  • At a park to sit outside.
  • On the phone for a Face Time chat.
  • Via Zoom.

Wondering if this is right for you?

  • Are you currently struggling and feel like you need someone to listen and help you work through a situation?
  • Have you lost focus and want to get back on track in some area of your life?
  • Maybe you know you need to talk to someone, but it’s important to you that the person comes with a faith focus. That’s me.
  • Perhaps you’re not comfortable in a “traditional” counseling setting that includes waiting rooms, offices, and multiple appointments. Then let’s schedule at a time and place where you are most comfortable. There’s no pressure to schedule a second appointment.

Email me at to discuss your options or let’s set up a 10 minute call to decide if this is right for you and schedule your appointment.

Price options:   

  • $25 for one 30 minute session. 
  • $47 for one 60 minute session.
  • $127 for three 60 minute sessions

Please note I only take limited spots each month. 

Nothing is off limits

Are you looking for freedom in a certain area of your life?  Do you feel like you’ve been carrying around this “thing” for far too long?  Let’s get together.  You don’t need to carry this burden any longer.

I have worked one on one with Marsha several times.  Whether we have taken a walk or met for coffee, I have always felt that she is a great listener.  Marsha is never pushy, is very empathetic, and just easy to talk to. JP

NBCC counseling certification