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Now I See! ~ Sunday Devotion

He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” John 9:25 (NIV)

I spent many years blind. Not physically blind but spiritually blind. Blind in an area of my life that I desperately wanted sight and clarity. Many times, I caught myself asking why I had to go through this. I struggled with body image and weight loss worries. It consumed me. I prayed but then I tried all my own tactics to find peace. For years, I had the same struggle, the same ailment, until one day I let Jesus touch me. I let Him set me free and help me to see clearly what I was missing all along. 

Now I see that Jesus loves me and created me in a unique way. 

Now I see He simply asks that I be a good steward of the body He entrusted to me.

Now I see that diets and quick fixes don’t work. They only add to the emotional pain and take me farther from my Creator. 

One things I do know. I was blind but now I see! God can do the same for you! #FitAndFree Share on X

Now I see that I am more than a number on a scale

Now I see that He set me free so that I can glorify Him and help women build a healthy life on a foundation of faith. 

“One thing I know: I was blind but now I see!” That’s all that mattered to this man. There was a debate going on about this Jesus: Who He was. What He had done. Why He chose to heal this man. How He had the power to do it. But the man simply declared what the Lord had done in his life. 

When you experience a transformation, you simply want to embrace it, tell about it, then live it! 

Two things to take from this passage:

  1. God wants to heal you. He can heal you. There’s nothing that you’re dealing with, no struggle that you have, that He can’t minister to.
  2. Once He touches you, He wants you to glorify Him. Tell others what God can do, what He has done for you.

Action Step: Are you in need of healing in some area of your life? Physically, mentally, spiritually? Ask God to touch you. Has God given you sight, set you free, or done a work in your life? Tell somebody about it. Embrace the work He’s done in your life and go live it. 

Happy Sunday!

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