Sunday devotional

It’s Not Too Hard ~ Sunday Devotional

Life is hard.

But is it?

Yes, we all have trials and tribulations. Everyone has struggles and difficult, sometimes unimaginable, roads to travel.

But there are times when we humans make things difficult that don’t need to be made so difficult.

Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach. Deuteronomy 30:11 (NIV)

It’s not too hard.

God was speaking through Moses to His people about the commandments He was giving them.

We don’t serve a God who is sitting in Heaven trying to trip us up. He’s not there calculating all the ways that He can make us fail.

He wants the best for you and me.

The things He asks of us are things He equips us for.

The commandments that He gives are within our reach. We can do this.

I’ve been on this healthy living journey my entire life, and I’ve been helping women along the way for several years. One thing I have learned: We make it hard. We complicate it when it doesn’t need to be.

Caring for our bodies should not be difficult.

It becomes difficult when we attempt to consume all the information and try every diet, gimmick, and quick fix that’s out there.

But God has given us the Holy Spirit and an intelligent mind that simply needs to get in tune with our own body by first embracing who He has created us to be.

A healthy life. Freedom in mind and body. Acceptance of yourself. Peace.

It is all within reach when you approach it the way God intends.

If the way that you are pursuing health seems too hard, then it’s time to reconsider your methods.

If you’re not experiencing peace and freedom, then perhaps it’s time to invite the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Start with God’s Word and learn the truth about you.

We have enough difficult things to deal with. Don’t make obedience to God in your everyday, healthy life be one of those things. He didn’t intend it to be.

Happy Sunday!

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