Follow the Plan: What To Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It

I’m not feeling it today.

There’s a plan.  I have one to follow.  

I feel better when I follow the plan.  

But what happens when you’re not feeling it?  Everything in your right mind tells you it’s all good for you, you’ll feel better doing it this way, but you just don’t wanna.  

You want to hit the snooze.  

You want to indulge in all the goodies.  

That little voice is telling you it’s not worth it.  It says you’ll never get there.  You’re just spinning your wheels.  

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What do you do when you’re just NOT feeling it?

  • Maybe you do need a break….  

Have you been hitting it hard at the gym everyday?  Have you been on a running streak?  Are you training for a big event?  Maybe your body is telling you to sleep in today.  Taking a break isn’t the end of a fitness plan.  

  • But maybe you need to push through the feeling.

Are you just getting started on this journey of health and fitness?  Did you just start a new fitness program?  It’s going to take a little time to get into the new routine.  These days and times take you willing yourself out of bed a little early in the morning or guiding that car towards the gym after work instead of home.  

  • Maybe you need to relax around the food….

That strict plan.  Is it really serving you?  Do you label certain foods off limits even if you don’t have a food allergy?  Do you fear what will happen if you eat something that isn’t on your list of acceptable foods?  Maybe it is time to loosen up a little and allow yourself a bite or two or a sip of something you wouldn’t normally eat.  Go ahead with a small dessert at that special occasion.

  • Or maybe you need to feel the hunger and push through the craving.

Are you just starting to introduce healthy foods to your body?  Are you trying to cut the the sugary sodas and all the bread?  Sometimes we need time away from a trigger food so that it becomes less of our “norm”.  Maybe you need to realize that you can survive without the daily soda or the second helping or the third roll.

  • For sure, you must find your WHY.   

Without your why, you’ll never stick to any type of lifestyle.  Whether it be health and fitness, a business endeavor, even a relationship.  Until you embrace WHY you are doing what you’re doing, you won’t stick with it.  Your why gets you out of bed early in the morning.  It’s what helps you say no to a sugary soda.  This is what allows you to throw away the scales and trust your process. (I wrote an entire post just on the subject of finding your why here.)

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If you still feel stuck, reach out to me.  I’d love to chat!  Come on over to my Facebook group for support and encouragement.


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  1. I find if I just wake up and go, and not even give myself the chance to talk myself out of it, the better it all goes for me. Though I’m totally working right now on trying to recognize when I DO actually need to listen to my body and give it rest sometimes…

    1. Yes Liz. You’re so right. I’m with you on finding rest and giving myself a break sometimes. It’s so good that you have that morning routine.

    1. I’m with you Wendy. It’s just part of what I do like brush my teeth every morning. Sometimes backing off is harder than finding the motivation to move.

    1. That’s a great idea. I just came back from vacation and kinda took a break from everything. We walked a ton, but I wasn’t hitting it hard everyday, and I think that was good for me.

  2. I’m lucky enough that I get to do what I love with people I love for work. So when I’m lackluster and unmotivated, it’s usually a sign to take some down time or to switch things up. A good vacation can serve both purposes sometimes!

  3. Sometimes you just need to take a little break, get some fresh air and perspective and then get back at it when you’re ready! I have to do that all the time.

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