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Not Condemned ~ Sunday Devotional

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,”  Romans 8:1 (NIV)

The word “therefore” points us back to that which was written or said prior to.  It’s telling us that “as a result of” now this can happen. 

If you look back at Romans 7, you’ll read that in Christ we are no longer a slave to sin.  As a result of a life in Christ, we are not condemned. Jesus loves us. He does not condemn us. 

But even though Christ does not condemn us, too many of us find ourselves in a cycle of SELF-condemnation which in turn keeps us in a cycle of defeat.

We judge ourselves.  We feel as if we’ll never measure up.  We’ll never be good enough.

We believe we should always do better.  Do more. Be better. Be more.  

But in Christ, and because of Christ, you and I are enough. 

When it comes to establishing a healthy life, we can get caught in this cycle of defeat. 

Oftentimes when women come into the membership community, their first check ins include things like, “I exercised, but not enough,” or “My food was okay but it could’ve been better.” 

Maybe there are some improvements that can be made, but when we constantly judge and condemn our own actions, we are less likely to make progress.

Condemnation is oppressive.  Christ doesn’t want us to live that way. 

We live condemned because we do that to ourselves.

If Christ says we are not condemned, then we must not condemn ourselves. 

You and I are often the only ones holding ourselves back.  

Christ has set us free.  He has set you free. He has set me free.  

Let’s start living fit and free! 

Happy Sunday!

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