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What To Do When You Have No Motivation

No motivation?  No problem!

Too many people believe you have to have motivation to make change in life.  But if we relied solely on motivation, would we do anything or go anywhere?

Let’s look at healthy living, because let’s be honest, that’s the part of life many wait for motivation to make a change.   

How many times have you heard, or even said yourself, “I’m just not motivated” or “I have no motivation to exercise, eat healthy, etc.”?

Not everyone will get a burst of motivation.  

You can’t wait for motivation.

Motivation will come when you gain momentum via consistency.

Do one thing.

Then do it again and again and again.

Sometimes we get a boost of motivation or inspiration but oftentimes we don’t.  We just know in our head that we need to do something.  

Take exercise for example.  

You and I both know that it’s good for our minds and our bodies to move.  

You can easily look at your life and determine if you’re getting some consistent exercise.  Are you moving regularly?  

No motivation? No problem. Motivation will come when you gain momentum via consistency. #motivation #fitnessmotivation Share on X

Oftentimes getting out of bed or getting out the door is the most difficult part.  I don’t spring out of bed every morning so I can go on my morning run.  BUT, I’ve been doing it enough that I know I feel so much better once I do it. 

Accountability is key to developing consistency.  

When you have a friend waiting for you at the gym or at the park for a walk, you’re more likely to show up.   

Schedule your workout.  

It’s more difficult to dismiss something that is written down and has a time slot on your agenda. 

Commit your fitness to the Lord.

Find Bible verses that will help you focus on being a good steward of the body God entrusted to you.

Still not feeling motivated?  That’s okay.  Do it anyway. 

I’m cheering you on! 

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