New Month. New Start. Getting Clear on Your Next Step

September!  New Month!  Fresh Start!  New Group!  My Birthday!  I’m so excited about this month!!!

I usually post my blogs on Monday and Thursday, but today is Wednesday.  Why Wednesday this week?  Tomorrow is the first day of a new month, and I want you to take today to consider some of the points listed below and what step you need to take to make the most of the final quarter of 2016.

We humans just love fresh starts.  We like clean slates.  The beginning of a week or month can feel very refreshing, especially if we feel like the last week or month wasn’t so good.  But let’s not forget that every day, every moment can be a fresh start.  What happens when you mess up on Monday?  Are you going to wait an entire week until you start over?  I sure hope not!  A lot more can go wrong throughout that week!  Instead of a little stumble on Monday, you could be 10 steps backwards by Sunday.  Nevertheless, we have reached a new month, a fresh start.  It kinda signals that summer is over.    

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How are you feeling right now?  

  • Are you beating yourself up?  Are you feeling bummed about how the last month, or how the summer, went?  It was supposed to be so good.  Summer time!  Poolside!  Beach vacations!  Kids running around!  No homework!  Get outside and move more!  Well, if it didn’t go quite as planned, that’s okay.  Reset and start today.  Look back at the goals you set at the beginning of the year.  Gather that intention and motivation.
  • Are you feeling energized?  Did you have a good month?  Are you moving in the right direction?  Then let’s keep the momentum.  Stick to it.  Keep those goals in front of you and keep pressing forward.
  • Maybe the summer just was.  You look back and can’t believe we’re already a month into school and fall will soon be upon us.  We’re turning yet another calendar page.  Maybe today is when you set a totally new intention for the remainder of the year.  Maybe you just need to set a focus for this one month then go from there.  

The struggle, and the victory, comes from recognizing where you are now and what comes next Share on X

No matter how you’re feeling today, it’s always one step at a time.  The struggle and thus the victory comes with recognizing where YOU are NOW and what you need to do to move forward.   Let me repeat that:  Recognize where you are now.  That is the first step.  Pause.  Own where you are.  Then you can plan the next step based on where you want to go in the month, in the year, and in your life.  

My hope for you is that you choose to keep your eyes on your own paper and own your journey and walk towards a life of freedom in fitness.  By doing the work of recognizing where you are will help you get clear on where you need to go.  Sometimes we know where we want to go or what needs to change in our lives.  We know what goals we have.  But we find it difficult to figure out what the next step is.  That’s why I wrote this blog post today, the last day of August, so that you can join me in September in my private coaching group that will help you get a clear vision for your health and fitness and teach you the steps you need to take to live fit and free.*


*If you’re looking for some accountability, email me!  I’ll answer your questions and help you along your journey.  I’d also love to tell you about my monthly coaching groups if that’s something you’re interested in.  I’m starting a new one tomorrow!  


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  1. I have been struggling a bit lately with being sick, but I am hoping that every new month, and new day, is a step forward.

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