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Motivation Can Be Found In Your Why

Motivation.  Where do you find it?  How can I get some?  You’re so motivated!  I’m just not.

Let’s face it…it’s hard to do the right thing.  It’s hard to eat right.  Exercise 6 days a week.  That’s hard.  It’s hard to refrain from gossip.   You want me to smile and wave at the driver who cut me off?  I’m not sure about that.  It’s hard to save money.  Life can just be hard sometimes.  Even a lot of the time it can be hard.  We all have our areas of struggle and weakness.  Given that this is primarily a health and fitness blog, I’m going to focus on that part in the “life is hard” scenario.  

Motivation.  It’s the top thing I get asked about.

Why should I get up 15-30 minutes early so I can workout?  Do I really need to pass on a second helping?  Why should I strength train?  Is my sugar intake really that big of a deal?  I should drink how much water every day???

Well, I can’t answer all these questions for you, but in your questions lie the answer.  The answer is “Why.”  It’s your “Why.”  And only you can figure that one out.  

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You see, all these things that are hard, well they aren’t necessarily things we have to do.  I mean, you don’t have to exercise.  Go ahead and eat that dessert if you want it.   I know people who barely drink one glass of water a day.  

But we want to do those things.  If you’re reading this, I know you desire to honor the body God has given you.  I know you want to be fit and healthy.  We don’t want to end up with health problems.  I’m sure you want to play with your kids and grandkids without feeling exhausted and out of breath.  We want to feel good attending that wedding or class reunion.       

The key to doing these things and sticking to them is finding your WHY.  


WHY do you want to be fit and healthy?

I need to exercise.  Why?

I’m going to limit my sugar intake.  Why?

It may be that you have a history of illness in your family.  You may have small children you want to be able to play with.  You may currently have a health issue that needs to get in check.  Are you going to be walking down the aisle in a few months?  

I don’t know what it is for you, but until you figure out your WHY, you won’t stick to the plan long term.  You won’t develop a healthy sustainable lifestyle.  You may be able to do something for 3 days, 21 days, or even 30 days.  But here we want to find a way of living that you can sustain for the long term that becomes a lifestyle not just a diet plan.  

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To be sure, you can’t underestimate discipline.  It is going to be necessary to put in the work and make the commitment, but you have to identify why you’re going to get started.

Can I share something with you?  I can’t even remember why I started running years ago.  But I know I had a why.  Otherwise I would’ve never gone out the door. I know something made me head out the door that first morning.  But you know, after doing it one day and then the next and then the next, I fell in love with it.  I loved how I felt while I was doing it.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finished a workout.  And I just kept doing it.  And it became part of who I am.  I can’t imagine running not being part of my life.  I can’t imagine not moving in some sort of way every day.  And that’s my why now.

It doesn’t have to be running for you.  In fact, you may not know exactly what it’s going to be.  But you’re going to know why you want to find it.   That’s the first step.  We can work with that.

Take some time today and consider why you want this.  Consider why you even clicked on this link to read this blog.  What brought you here?  It’ll be a start to tapping into your motivation.

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  3. My “whys” include: I want to be able to keep up with my future children, I want to glorify God, and I want to feel better about myself.
    My problem is control over binge-eating. I just love food and want that instant gratification.

    1. Kristin, those are great whys! Have you read Made to Crave? It’s a great book! Such a turning point for me.

  4. I know why I am around – which is why I am always so happy and ready to take on every day! 🙂

  5. So true! We all have a why even if we don’t always realize it. My why is running and working out makes me a better version of myself. My other why is my son. I want to be a good role model for him.

    1. Thanks for sharing Betsy! A friend and I just finished a bike ride and we were talking about how we can’t imagine not working out. It just makes us feel so good!

    1. And I’m so glad you’re getting some answers and moving towards that Abby. You’re gonna end up rocking 2017!

  6. When I first started working out it was just to lose weight. Now I work out to stay healthy and to hopefully avoid issues like high blood pressure and chloresterol in the future, as both of those run in my family.

  7. These are great questions to ask ourselves! I fell into a rut over the past couple weeks but am slowly climbing out of it! :]

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