Race Recap: Monumental Half Marathon

What a beautiful day on Saturday to #bemonumental!?!  Saturday I ran the Monumental Half Marathon for the fourth time.  I’ve run the full marathon there 3 times.  I went downtown with fellow runners.

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We made our “ritualistic” pit stop at a local fast food restaurant to make sure we got one final chance at a flushable toilet!  As stated, I’ve run a few of these things.  We had one among us who was running her very first half.   Our levels of anticipation varied based on our goals and experiences.  If you’ve been following me very long, you know that last month I had a “slower than average” half for what I’ve become accustomed to.  On this day, I was hoping to “redeem” that OVER 2 hour finish time and get back UNDER 2 hours.  But that wasn’t to be.  I went over by 5 minutes, not 7 minutes like last month, but it was still over.
So I have to get in my head and figure out what’s going on.  Last month I posed several questions for myself, and a lot were just that: about MYSELF.  Not good enough, not fast enough, not thin enough, etc, etc.  Why was I questioning these things?  Not because I didn’t or couldn’t finish, but because the NUMBERS on my watch didn’t say what I thought they should say.
Hmmm…..the gal who says we’re not defined by numbers??? The one who threw away her scales.  “But those are the numbers on the scale, not my watch.”   Wait a minute.  If we’re not defined by numbers, we’re not defined by numbers!  We’re always seeking identity….something tangible to validate us and tell us we measure up.  The number on the scales defines my looks.  The number on my watch defines the quality of runner I am.  The numbers on my report card define my intelligence.  The numbers in my bank account define my worth.   The numbers on my speedometer tell me if I’m speeding…..well, okay, you’d better pay attention to that number!  lol!

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The lesson here for me, and maybe for you too, is that numbers, not any, define me….define you.  My total identity should be in Christ alone.  HE defines me.  HE tells me I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  HE tells me I’m enough.  HE tells me I’m complete in Him.
What numbers are you still hanging onto and allowing to define you?  I have another half marathon on my calendar next month.  Maybe I need to leave my watch at home……

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