Make it easy

Make it Easy

Since January 16, 2001, I’ve been receiving flowers on the 16th of every month. We got married on December 16, 2000. One month later, I received flowers at my place of work. What a nice gesture from my new husband. Then a month later, I received flowers again. It wasn’t until the third time, on March 16, that I realized this might be something.

The first couple of cards in the arrangement were handwritten by Kent. Soon, they were typed, “Love Kent.” He placed a standing order that each month a small arrangement would be delivered to me with a card that said, “Love Kent.”

My goal for Faith and Fitness with Marsha is to help women find motivation from God’s Word to embrace your age and consistently live a healthy life without dieting. Consistency is definitely a key to sustainable, lasting results.

That monthly delivery is the definition of consistency.

We've been led to believe achieving goals must be hard, but if you want sustainable, lasting results, you have to make it easy. Click To Tweet

But the other key to consistency that leads to sustainable, lasting results is to make it easy

This is a standing order. Kent doesn’t have to place an order or sign a card. He had to do a little work up front, but now it’s automated. He made it easy by placing the order with our trusted flower shop (shout out Cossairt Florist) and now let’s them take care of it.

We’ve been led to believe that we have to make it hard to achieve a goal. If we’re not working hard, sacrificing at every corner, white-knuckling our way through the days, etc., then we must not be doing enough.

Does the fact that Kent placed this order make me less than thrilled about receiving flowers every month? Do I think he should be doing something more? Does it make me think less of this loving gesture? Of course not.

Are you making something hard when it could be easier? You know, Kent could go to the flower shop every month and sign a card. Or he could call and make a specific request for the flowers I get each month. How long do you think that would last? Things would come up. He might forget. It would become a “hit or miss” situation. Eventually, it might even be more trouble than it was worth and then I’d have no flowers at all.

Have you done that with a goal you want to achieve? Sometimes you’re hitting the mark; other times you’re off base. Have there been so many “hoops to jump through” that you decided it wasn’t worth it? It’s time to make it easy. Once you do, you’ll be able to get consistent then you’ll start seeing sustainable, lasting results. Isn’t that what we want?

What’s something that you need to make easy so you can get consistent and start seeing results?

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