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Life Lessons Learned Playing Pokemon Go

I recently started playing Pokemon Go.  I know, I know. You don’t have to say it.  You’re thinking that is so yesterday, right?  

When it was all the rage, I had no desire to get involved nor did my son.  But about 2 years ago my son started playing, and recently he thought it would be fun to set me up with an account.  So I let him. {Side note: Moms, if your 15 year old son wants you to do ANYTHING with them, you say yes. Am I right?}

I’m still learning, but within the first few days some lessons jumping out at me.  I started finding lessons for life from playing Pokemon Go. Even if you have never played the game, stick with me.  I’ll explain it in my simplistic terms and show you how we can learn a little from it.

There are things going on that we can’t see.

This was the first thing that made me say “Wow!”  When you log in and make your account you see a grid and then this whole new world appears.  There are Pokemon (I call them critters) popping up here and there as well as Stops and Gyms.  

In the same way, I believe that God is always at work behind the scenes and in our lives in ways we don’t even know.  

We need to get moving…

Pokemon Go.  Emphasis on Go.That means you have to get moving.  I think the game started out as a way to get people out of the house.  This is quite simple to apply to life. I’m all about fitness and working out.  I love to run and bike. This game helps my son stay active by taking walks here and there.  I’ve even added a few steps to my day to take the long route home on a run or add a short walk to the end to walk by a Stop or a Gym.  

Do you need to get moving?  Find some motivation by doing a challenge, grabbing a friend, or dare I suggest logging into Pokemon Go?? 🙂

But we also have to stop and look

Even though playing Pokemon Go requires the players to get moving, there are time you have to stop.  Whether it’s because I can’t walk or run and catch a Pokemon at the same time, or the connection isn’t good, I am forced to stop.  I have to stop and look at what’s really happening.

Sometimes we need to move.  And often we talk about motivation, and we hear things like “keep moving forward” or “just one foot in front of the other”.   

But sometimes life needs us to pause and look at what’s going on right now.  

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Stay within range

Back to the Pokemon Go screen.  You have a range where you can go and check into Stops or Gyms or catch Pokemon.  When I am outside of range, I can’t do certain things. I have to be close enough to catch it or check in or do the battle or whatever the action is.

In the same way, we need to stay close to our Source, Jesus Christ.  

We need community

In the game, there are raids and battles that happen and you need others to show up and do battle with you.  This game has allowed us to make connections with people that we otherwise would not. We’ve even discovered that some of our friends actually play (but I won’t name names!).  There are groups that stay in touch and coordinate efforts. On one Saturday when a Pokemon Go event was happening, I was amazed at all the people who showed up and went on a tour of our city doing battle together at various stops.  

We need community.  We were created to connect with others.  In the beginning, God saw that man needed a companion.  And so on our journey in life, we need others.

I help women find freedom in living a fit and healthy life.  Part of what I’ve learned is that the women are most successful when they know others are on the journey with them.  I have a membership community where we can check in and hold each other accountable as well as provide support and encouragement.

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Own it

To be honest, when I started playing Pokemon Go, I was a bit embarrassed about it.  I mean, it’s not trendy anymore (not that I’ve ever been up on the trends!), and I’m an adult.  Isn’t this a game for kids to play to get them outside and moving?? I was a little embarrassed about playing and wondered what others would think if they knew I was playing Pokemon Go.  

And this made me start thinking about how we are as Christ followers.  Am I afraid to share my faith? Do I hesitate to share where I go to church?  

I’m having a fun time playing Pokemon Go with Ethan, so I’m owning it.  And even more importantly I’m happy to say that I am a member of our local Catholic parish and a Christ follower who has a passion to help women build a healthy life on a foundation of faith.  

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the choices

One of the things that I’m trying to figure out is which Pokemon are the ones that I need to catch, especially when I have a limited number of Pokeballs (I’ll get to that later).  

This makes me think of our free will.  God allows us to make choices. Some are better than others.  While I feel as if every choice has an impact on the next thing, some are of minor consequence compared to others.  Everyday we have the opportunity to make a variety of choices. As I learn more about the game, I am learning to make better choices.  In the same way, the more we read God’s Word, the better we know His will and His direction.

Don’t run out of balls

When I first started playing Pokemon Go I thought I had a limitless supply of Pokeballs to go catch Pokemon.  After a couple of days, I learned I was mistaken. I ran out of balls! I panicked. How could I possibly catch Pokemon without balls?  How do I get more balls? That’s when I learned about Gyms and Pokestops. I realized that to stay in the battle, I had to check in at these places to get more supplies.  

Although God’s grace is without limit (Praise the Lord!), we do need to stay close to our Source.  It’s important that we fill up regularly on God’s word. It’s also important for us to spend time in His presence and gather for worship.  To live in this world, we need to clothe ourselves with the armor of God so we can stand against the things that come at us.

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As you can see, this simple game really got me thinking.  And I think that my final conclusion is that God is, indeed, everywhere.  He is involved in everything. If we are willing to open our eyes, our hearts, and our ears to His voice and to His Spirit, He can use anything to speak to us and to teach us more about Him.

What everyday activity can you look at differently today to see something God wants to show you?  

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