Sunday Devotions 2023

How Are You Leading Others? ~ Sunday Devotion

Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. Proverbs 10:17 (NIV)

Whether we like it or not, people are watching. How are you leading them? What kind of example are you setting? For your family? Your children? You don’t have to be the person standing at the front or on the podium to lead others. Each of us has people who see how we live our lives. Even though we are to live our lives for an audience of One, we have still been entrusted with influence on others. Are you being the person you want to be? Who God wants you to be?

I remember having a picnic with some friends when Ethan was probably five or six years old. It only took minutes for him to finish his meal while many others had just started. (I was almost finished myself.) A friend said, “Our kids will eat like we eat.” She was clearly indicating that he finished quickly because he had learned that from spending mealtimes with me. 

That’s a simple example, but the truth is: We lead others. From those who are dependent on us like our children to those we regularly spend time with, and even those watching from afar.

We can’t lead others well until we heed God’s discipline in our own lives. Is there an area of life you need to surrender to God? Click To Tweet

Her comment made me become more aware of the things I did that influenced my son. Unfortunately, I continued on a wayward path when it came to my approach to nutrition by dieting and logging calories. I remember a time he noticed that I had to go to my computer to decide if I could/should go out to eat with the family for a spontaneous dinner. By God’s grace, I heeded His discipline and changed my approach to healthy living. In fact, that day was a turning point when God showed me that things had to change for me because it wasn’t just me who was being influenced by my poor relationship with food and my body.  

We can’t lead others well until we heed God’s discipline in our own lives. I want to be an influence for good, for God. I know you do, too. 

Action Step: Have you considered your influence on those around you? Is there an area of your life or a habit that you need to surrender so that you can be a source of light and lead others well? (Full disclosure: I’m still trying to slow down while I eat ;-))

Happy Sunday!

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