The Journey: Is it Possible to BE Where You Are AND Move Towards Where You Want to Go?

“Wherever you are, be all there” ~Jim Elliot

Well, here we are!  We’re about ready to wrap up another year.  Christmas is less than a week away.    It’s getting colder.  Christmas break.  Kids are out of school.   Everyone is getting a bit overwhelmed with gifts yet to buy, cookies to bake, and wrapping to get done.  And then there are goals to set and New Year’s resolutions to make.   

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We’re always wishing our days away.  The kids and teachers are counting down until the last day of school.  Then before you know it, parents are counting the days until the kids go back to school.  We’re already thinking about the bad eating decision we’ll make in the coming weeks and the workouts we’ll miss and how we’ll start living a healthy life on January 1st.  

But let’s slow down….

Is it possible that we can BE where we are?  Appreciate this moment, this phase?  Celebrate progress made….while still moving toward where we want to go?  Toward goals.  Planning vacations, weddings, graduations, births?  I think we can.  It comes with gratitude.  I believe it comes with balance.  It comes with knowing and owning your journey.  It comes with being okay where you are today and knowing where you want to go tomorrow and how you’re going to get there.

Is it possible to BE where we are? Some practical steps to be and still move forward. It's all part of the journey. Share on X

Practically speaking, how does this look?

First you have to stop and breathe.  Own your place and space at this very moment.  Look around.  What is happening now?  Who is in this with you?  Be grateful.  Grateful that you’ve reached this moment.  That you have a steady income from your job.  Thankful for your healthy body.  That you have smart kids who go to a good school.  That you have the opportunity to for a new today.  A practice of gratitude.  Start there today.  

Next you acknowledge where you need to go, what you need to do, what deadline might be looming, what next big step that you need to take.  Yes, the kids will be out of school on a certain date.  Yes, you have a project due next Friday.  Sure, you need to figure out an exercise routine.  You may have relationships that need some work.  Write these things down.  Prioritize.  

Then you make a plan to accomplish those things.  Schedule daycare.  Check.  Set your alarm 15 minutes early and lay out your workout clothes.  Check.  Make a phone call and plan coffee with a friend.  Check.  Carve out 5 minutes to unplug.  Check.  

Finally you do it.  Take your step, do that thing.  Step out and take the next step on your journey.  Go forward with your gratitude.  With your plan.  With your courage.  

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    1. I totally understand Wendy. It’s hard to slow down. Rest days? What are those. I have to make myself take time outs. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. I hope you can get the RA managed soon.

  1. Great steps for when you feel overwhelmed! God keeps tell me to slow down! It can be so hard in our past paced world.

    1. You’re so right, Kira. The world is all about keeping up. This week I’m really trying to step back and slow down a bit.

  2. What excites me about a new year?
    2016 was a rough one for me health wise with a ton of medical bills. For me a new year means a new chance to figure out what is going on with me, get it all properly diagnose, treated, and begin to feel like myself again. 2017 is my chance to get back to being me!

    1. I say “cheers!” to a new year Abby! I’m ready for it too! Best wishes! I know it’s going to be a good one for you. I’m so glad we’ve connected and I look forward to following your journey!

  3. I definitely have a hard time with living in the present because I’m always thinking of all the other stuff I need to finish–I’m trying hard to work on that though!

    1. I totally understand Farrah! I’m a planner and I’m always thinking ahead about what comes next and what I need to do. I often have to tell myself to take a breath and focus!

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