Sunday Devotions 2023

It is Written ~ Sunday Devotion

Jesus answered, “It is written.” Matthew 4:4

We just wrapped up the Weigh Your Words Challenge. For seven days, women weighed their words instead of their bodies. During that time, they found truths about themselves in God’s Word. Each day, they had a Bible verse and a word or phrase to meditate on. They followed the example that Jesus set in Matthew 4. 

Matthew 4 is the well-known encounter in the wilderness where Satan tests Jesus. Although Satan’s words sounded inviting, Jesus knew they were a trap. He knew that giving into these temptations would only lead Him away from the path God had set for Him.

How did He respond to Satan’s tactics? With God’s Word. He started with, “It is written.” He countered Satan’s untruths with THE Truth. The same approach will work for us.

Learn to use God's Word like Jesus did. When negative thoughts invade and Satan attacks, respond with: It is written. #FaithAndFitness Share on X

Satan is always seeking to distract us. He plants negative thoughts in our minds. We run across something on social media that triggers an unfavorable response such as comparison, shame, or insecurity. Advertisements tempt us to invest in quick fixes to look better, prompting us to believe that we are defined by our outward appearance. Messages all around us leave us feeling as if we’ll never be good enough, that we must always be striving.

How are we to respond to the negative thoughts and confusing messaging bombarding us? With, “It is written.”

Get into God’s Word. Learn what HE says about you. But don’t wait until you’re tested and triggered. Jesus had a close relationship with the Father. He had spent His life studying God’s Word. Because of that, He was armed and ready. He recognized Satan’s tactics, and He readily responded. 

Read God’s Word daily. Memorize Scripture. Look up verses related to your specific struggles. Post verses where you can see them. Put them on note cards. Be ready with, “It is written.” 

Action Step: Use God’s Word like Jesus did. When negative thoughts enter your mind, respond  with, “It is written.” Then use the verses that you’ve embraced to drown out all negative messages. 

Happy Sunday!

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