Sunday Devotions 2023

Don’t Try to Impress ~ Sunday Devotion

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 (NLT)⁣

If you’ve been following anytime at all, you’ve heard me say things like “honor your body” and “keep your eyes on your own paper.” It’s clear that you must focus on you and your season of life. That may sound like this is a very individualized and self-focused journey. And in many ways it is.  ⁣

To live fit and free, we must learn to honor the body God has entrusted to us, our own. God is so creative that He made none of us alike. You and I are uniquely created. That means your body won’t work like mine nor will you be able to care for it in the way that I do mine.

We must look inward and work on our own issues with body image, our spiritual life, our approach to healthy living, etc.  ⁣

But please don’t miss these two points:⁣

  1. We aren’t meant to go on this journey alone. ⁣
  2. We’re not doing this simply for ourselves.⁣

“I like knowing there is a group of ladies that want the same thing I do and having your support and theirs.”⁣ This is a comment from one of the ladies who is part of this faith and fitness community.  ⁣

You don't need to impress others. Simply honor the body God entrusted to you so that you are free to love and serve. Share on X

It means something – it matters – that there are others who are living out Philippians 2:3 as we travel this journey together. No one is trying to impress another. Instead, we’re doing this so that we can love and serve others. 

Living fit and free opens us up to all the ways God wants to use us in the place where He’s planted us.⁣

Action Step: Consider your motivation for the approach you’re taking to your health and wellness. Is it to impress others or to set you free to love and serve those around you? 

Happy Sunday!

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