Holiday Pitch In: Recipe Links Included

One week from now we’ll be sitting around the Thanksgiving table.  Maybe you’ve already started your celebrations.  Most of the time we gather and share some of our favorite dishes.  Other times we’re scrambling to figure out what to take.  Some are known for a signature dish while others buy a fruit tray or a bag of chips.  

If you’re looking for some recipe ideas, I’ve rounded up a few from some of my friends.  

But before I share those with you, I want you to consider Sarah’s thoughts on making memories over food.  She says, “From simple day to day snack times with your kids, to Halloween dirt pudding, to Christmas cookies…DO NOT miss out on memories for fear of calories and weight.”

You can certainly provide healthy options at holiday gatherings, and I encourage you to fill your plate with mostly fresh items and lean meats, but don’t miss the moment for fear of the calories or blowing a diet plan.  That’s not freedom.  Freedom is enjoying the experience, the people, and making the memories.

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As promised, recipes for you to consider for your holiday gathering.  

Love bread but need a gluten free recipe?  Kaila shares her biscuit recipe here.   

Pumpkin spice cupcakes?  Farrah has a yummy recipe that includes protein packed frosting.  

Susie’s enchilada’s have a Thanksgiving twist.  You will definitely want to check out this recipe.  I think it could become a new tradition.  

If you’re asked to bring salad, consider Susie’s Autumn Root Vegetable Salad.  

Here’s another salad recipe.  Deborah packs this salad full of superfoods.  No afternoon naps after this dish.  You’ll have energy for that post Thanksgiving meal walk.  

Esther has a great fall pasta recipe that uses gluten free pasta.  

This is what my friend Tina says about her cranberry recipe:  “Mix 1 cup water with 1/2 c sugar (it’s actually 1c sugar, but I don’t I don’t need that much) – bring to boil. Add 3c cranberries (can be fresh or frozen). Keep cooking until berries burst. Let cool. I like to eat it warm just after making, but I also enjoy cold. Great with sausages and potatoes. Who am I kidding? I just eat them alone for dinner, snack, dessert, whatever.”  She’s convinced me to get some cranberries next time I go to the store!  

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If I can say this one thing about Thanksgiving, it’s this:  Thanksgiving is one day.  You don’t have Thanksgiving dinner on the daily.  And in the same way, you don’t have Christmas cookies in June.  It’s okay to have traditions and enjoy those traditions even if and when they involve food.  When you truly enjoy it, you will eat until you’re satisfied and not stuffed.  Because being stuffed is no fun, and there’s nothing enjoyable about that.  

Take a deep breath.  Inhale the smells, the sounds, the sights.  Be present.  



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  1. The cranberry recipe is one of my holiday favorites. There is a local restaurant here that makes theirs with a little bit of orange rind in it and it’s amazing! I try to imitate it each year!

    1. Orange and cranberry seem to be a popular combo. I’ve never made cranberries, but I might try them this year.

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