‘Tis the season!

When you hear that, does your heart rate rise?  Do you start making lists and stressing about all that you’ll have to do and everywhere you’ll have to go?

Do you lose yourself in the hustle and bustle?

What if you could let go of the holiday hustle and embrace this wonderful time of year?

Healthy December

The month of December is full of faith, family, and fun. It’s a time to celebrate friends and family and the birth of our Savior. But it can also be overwhelming, and the first thing that we tend to let go is ourselves.  We default to skipping workouts, grabbing quick meals, rushing through our quiet times all the while hoping that we can get everything back in order come January.

But what if this year could be different?

What if we could slow down a bit, enjoy the season, and make our faith and our fitness a priority?

What if we actually maintained a healthy lifestyle through the month so that we could begin January without feeling guilt and shame from December?

You can!

Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days:  31 Day Guide to a Happy Healthy December

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Guide to a happy healthy December

With this guide, you can continue on, or even establish, your healthy living journey in December*. This book is a combination of healthy living tips and devotions to guide you through this most wonderful time of year. It also helps you approach the new year with focus and clarity.

No more need for restarts and resolutions when you apply the content of this book to your daily life.

May you enjoy a happy healthy holiday

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*Although this book takes you through the month of December, the tips shared within can be applied any time. Grab a copy today and start living a happy healthy life!

**Also available in Shelbyville, Indiana at Three Sisters Books & Gifts and The Pink Poppy.